Who Owns Who In Podcasting?

Evo Terra
2 min readMar 2, 2021

Are you getting lost trying to figure out who owns who in podcasting? Same here. Perhaps this will help.

A few weeks ago, after hearing of yet another multi-million dollar acquisition in the podosphere, I sent out this tweet:

The very next day, another acquisition was announced, so I again took to Twitter, this time with:

Luckily for me, Anne Baird was quick to respond with, “No worries, old man. I got this!” Well… that’s how I remember it. In fact, they said:

If you know anything about me, you should know that I rarely turn down an opportunity to collaborate, especially with people who have skills I lack and are even more enthusiastic about a project than I am!

So Anne and I (well, mostly Anne) went to work, fleshing out how such a table might look, how it might be viewed by all interested parties, and how we’d keep it updated.

Behold: The Definitive Resource On Who Owns Who In Podcasting!

Did we miss anything? If so, drop me a note and we’ll get it added in. It’s in Airtable, so making a change is easy and the embedded view above will change. I may put in a change-log to keep track of additions, probably crediting whoever provided the update. That sounds nice, yeah?


Mad props to you, Anne. You rock! And to the rest of you, spread it!



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