What We Talk About When We Talk About Podcasting

Podcasters tend to be helpful. So much so that the narrowly-focused advice given often becomes commoditized and generic. Here’s a way you can stand out, be more helpful, and be a lot less boring.

People Are Hungry For More Than Staples

Podcast monetization, growth hacks to scale-up an audience quickly, and podcast launch strategies that get a new show live as fast as possible are the default topics podcasters engage with other podcasters about. That’s not surprising: There’s a huge amount of demand on those topics, largely thanks to the continued growth podcasting is seeing and will likely keep seeing for years to come.

Inspiring Fellow Podcasters With Your Stories

Podcasters new and old are inspired by others. People posting questions to online groups, rooms, and threads aren’t immune from humankind’s basic need to be inspired. At the risk of someone misinterpreting my words, I honestly think that content that inspires is every bit as important as content that informs.

How To Choose An Underserved Podcasting Topic

So, yeah, that all sounds great in theory. But how do you know what to talk about? It’s easy to talk growth, monetization, and launch. And yes, if that’s your thing, do your thing. But for podcasters who do not podcast about podcasting, you may need some help selecting topics that avoid the near-insatiable demand for that content.

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