What SpaceX Webcasts Can Teach Podcasters

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SpaceX has become masters of not only it putting things into space, but, bringing them back down safely. Surprisingly, there are lessons podcasters can learn from how SpaceX talks to their audience.

Everyone is not your audience.

Most people only have a passing interest in commercial space activity. While most are happy to use Google Maps and expect mobile coverage everywhere they travel, that’s not a deep enough of an interest-level to actually watch the literal rocket science live. That’s why only about 36,000 people watched today’s launch live. (You’d love to have 36,000 downloads of each of your episodes, right? That would put your podcast in the top 1% bracket!) But it’s a pretty small number in comparison to the overall population.

Smart-up instead of dumbing-down

SpaceX does a very good job of getting you in-the-know as to those odd-sounding terms. When the spokesperson for the webcast talks about MECO, they say something like “that’s Main Engine Cut Off”. And then they get back to the explaining of what’s happening.

Fly your geek flag responsibly

The spokesperson for SpaceX does not replace the actual action from launch control. During the webcast, you hear bits and pieces from the control center as they happen in real-time. They do this not only just to scratch the itch for super geeky fans. They do this because they know that all of their viewing audience has at least a little bit of a wanna-be rocket scientist in them, and SpaceX wants to cultivate that in all of us!

  1. Make sure that you talk in normal language and explain what needs to be explained.
  2. Go ahead and fly your geek flag when you need to. Done right, it’s infectious!

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