What Apple’s Big Changes From WWDC19 Mean For Your Podcast

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Yesterday was the keynote address from Apple’s developers’ conference. As expected, they announced several changes that will impact podcasters. Here’s exactly what you need to do right now.

The first thing you need to change about your podcast is…


The break up of iTunes

The release of the new operating system for Mac computers, mobile devices, and more signals the end of iTunes. In its place will be three new (?) apps, one for each type of content. Music will be in Apple Music. TV & video content will be in Apple TV. And podcasts will be in Apple Podcasts. Yes, just like on your iPhone. But with Catalina, that will be mirrored on Mac computers as well.

Apple leapfrogs their podcast search problem

Search sucks on Apple Podcasts. And has always sucked. At the keynote, they announced the new Apple Podcasts experience will use AI and machine learning to take a completely different approach to solving their own search problem.

Adding commentary to enhance the Apple Podcasts experience

I may be getting excited over nothing, but I saw a new enhancement for Apple Music that I hope they also add to Apple Podcasts. So note: This is pure speculation on my part. But if Apple Music can display lyrics to songs as you are listening to that song, they can do something similar for Apple Podcasts.

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