Understanding Your Podcast’s Most Important Growth Metric

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If you want your podcast to grow, obsessing over downloads, trying to influence social media metrics, or fretting over when people bail on your episodes won’t move the needle much. To track growth, you have to understand your show’s Conversion rate. Here’s how.

What the heck is a Conversion rate?

Depending on how deep and geeky your marketing skills run, the concept of Conversion rates might be alien to you. But it’s a very simple calculation that tells you the percentage of people that took the action you wanted them to take.

How do I calculate the Conversion rate for my podcast?

Let me use an easy (and silly) example to help illustrate this. Let’s say that you have a very simple e-commerce website and you sell a single product. I don’t care what that product is, so let’s pretend your website is MyFaceOnAnAcrylicBrick.com and you sell… your face on an acrylic brick. Hey, maybe you’re famous and people really want that? 🤷‍♂️

  1. How many people bought an acrylic brick with your face on it in that same given time frame.
  1. How many people took a “listen” action on your website for that same time frame

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