Tweaking Your Serialized Podcast For More Listener Love

Every rational podcaster with a story to tell wants to create a good listening experience. Sadly, misconceptions or lack of attention often block listeners from engaging further. But we can fix that.

Your Podcast May Secretly Be A Serialized Podcast

If you dig into the stats of the ~two million podcast feeds available, you’ll find only around 10% of podcasts marked as serial. But I don’t accept that as a meaningful number. If the default behavior is to assume episodic and not force an informed choice, the data are garbage.

The Devil Is in The Episode Details

I’m perpetually disappointed by the lack of effort many podcasters put into the post-production written elements of their podcast. I just find it particularly irksome that far too many creators of serialized content half-ass this step.

  1. A short summary of the episode of maybe a sentence or two (Note: some podcast apps will not display this summary, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t write and include it!)
  2. Detailed episode details

The Podcast App Is The Listeners Umbilical Cord To Your Show

Don’t neglect the podcast app, podcaster. For all its limitations, it’s often the only connection listeners have with your show. When listeners hear you say something on your episode and want more information, it’s their podcast app they’ll turn to first. If they can’t get to their app as they are listening, it’s likely where they’ll turn to when they do have a minute to look later.

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