Turning Happy Accidents Into A Podcast Audience

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When podcasters think about random discovery, we assume people are looking specifically for podcasts. But in reality, people are just looking for topics. How do you make sure that your podcast (or better yet, your podcast’s episodes) a part of that discovery set?

1. I invest in Google-friendly content.

When most podcasters think about how their podcast shows up in Google, they tend to focus on the show overall. And that’s a mistake. Because the focus should be on people who are not looking for a podcast. Why? Because most people aren’t looking for a podcast! Most people, as mentioned above, are searching for information about a topic. They don’t have a preferred format in mind. They just want information. That’s their intent. To get information.

2. I publish where readers are looking for well-written content.

The good news is the effort I put into these articles isn’t of value only to my website. I publish that exact same content on Medium. (If you’re reading this on Medium, gimmie a clap so I know, OK?) Sure, I spend a little bit of time doing some extra formatting, embedding the audio player for the episode, and adding some boilerplate to give them more information on the show and myself. But that’s single-digit minutes. All of the actual effort to create the written content is 100% re-usable.

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