The Inevitable Dismantling Of Podcast Directories

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Even though millions of people manage to find something to listen to, podcast directories kind of suck for most podcasters. Making them suck less might lead to a massive shakeup in the podcast ecosystem.

Why Borrow When You Can Build?

Hosting content directly gives Apple a lot more flexibility than relying on media files hosted elsewhere. We already see that here: Apple News Today is pushed out to the Apple News app. And it might make sense to be made available in other Apple-owned destinations — apps, operating systems, etc. — in the future.

The Trouble With Aging Technology

Here’s my current thinking: With the possible exception of Google Podcasts, none of these really big apps need to rely on podcast hosting companies. None of these really big apps need to ingest content from RSS feed.

Unlocking App/Directory Creativity

For as powerful and democratizing as RSS fees are, by definition, they limit what information apps & directories have to work with.

One Middleman Falls, Another Rises To Take Their Place

Here’s the thing about disintermediation: new companies almost always rise to take advantage of the churn caused by the disruption. If the alternate world I put forth comes to pass, rest assured that a new player will crop up to streamline that process. They already exist in the publishing world and provide a single interface that collects all the relevant files and data, then pushing to each publisher just the ones that publisher needs. And, naturally, taking some form of payment or percentage for their troubles.

Efficiency Trumps Exclusivity (But Both Are Nice)

Apple is already collecting and presenting data not contained in our RSS feeds. I’m speaking of the “Cast & Crew” section of select podcasts you might have noticed in Apple Podcasts. Those data aren’t passed in the feed. That’s direct input from the show owner.

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