The End #15 | The Madness of Chartrulean & Bad Vibes + 10 shows recently compete & 4 more fiction podcasts starting up again soon!

Evo Terra
10 min readDec 16, 2022

Greetings, fabulous fan of fiction podcasts!

If you’re wondering what to buy me for Christmas; booze works. Or becoming a personal supporter of The End. I’m easy!

A lot of fiction podcasters are using Tumblr, so The End has a Tumbler account as well! While The End is most active on Mastodon these days, we tend to go where the creators and listeners are!

Let’s get to it, shall we?

Featured Finished Fiction Podcasts

Personal picks by me that I love. Perhaps you will too?

The Madness of Chartrulean from Packhowl Media

  • Dramatized scifi fantasy
  • 🚀💥🤪
  • Season 1 finale dropped 15 Dec 2022 | 14 episodes
  • Listening time: 7h 52m

Chartrulean was supposed to be the messiah the people wanted, but abandoned a life of piety to become what he believed the world needed: a shipbuilder. He may have helped end a war, but now mysterious cosmic forces have infected his warships and drive him to madness. And the timing couldn’t be worse. A delicate game of politics is afoot, and he is torn between those he’s grown to trust and the gods he’s angered. Chartrulean must reconcile with both before succumbing to the madness he created.

“Will this world accept my vision of the future? Or was all of this a mistake?”

Bad Vibes from QCODE Media

  • Dramatized horror anthology
  • Season 1 finale dropped 24 May 2021 | 8 episodes
  • Listening time: 3h 43m

The ultimate horror anthology for the ears. ~~ Hello there, my frightful friend. It’s your old pal Mr. Boogey (Justin McElroy). I’m so glad you stopped by. Every week I will tell you a story in exchange for your fear. For dread and terror is the sweet, sweet, sustenance I crave and I am very hungry. Each weekly tale is more chilling than the next and as always I will be there to lead you in and out of the darkness. So take a break and join me won’t you? I promise you won’t live to regret it :). Tah-tah.~~

Recently Complete Fiction Podcasts

A good mix of content in this issue. Something for everyone, perhaps?

The Milkman of St. Gaff’s from Chris McClure

  • Narrated horror
  • Series complete as of 14 Dec 2022 with 2 seasons and 42 episodes
  • Listening time: 19h 41m

Lovecraft meets Kafka in this serialized fantasy/horror podcast about Howie, a troubled young man who joins the milkmen on the island of St. Gaff’s, only to discover that the milkmen harbor a dark and dangerous secret. Be sure to start with episode one!

Sayonaraville from Uncle Robot Media

  • Narrated urban fantasy horror
  • Season 1 finale dropped 12 Dec 2022 | 10 episodes available | Season 2 starts Sept 2023
  • Listening time: 8h 24m

In a magicked-up New York, resurrected spirit guardian Iris Penner and a rebooted Wild Hunt strive to prevent the End of Days.

…Two decades after a narrowly averted apocalypse, the world is threatened by eldritch-stoked climate disasters, a breakdown in general order, and proliferating interdimensional cracks. With no better answers, everyone has retreated deep into magic, regardless of the consequences.

Iris Penner, who died fighting the averted apocalypse, has returned to life with a mission to prevent the next world-ending event. Helping her are her two channeled spirit allies and a newly remade Wild Hunt. The only problem is that Iris is also prophesied to be the one to trigger the next apocalypse.

Also, there’s a dead, evil ex-boyfriend who just wouldn’t stay dead. As if these other challenges aren’t already enough.

Snowbirds by Linda Andersson

  • Dramatized comedy
  • 🤣😬🦬
  • Season 1 finale dropped 12 Dec 2022 | 5 episodes available
  • Listening time: 1h 24m

Please subscribe to receive updates about our show release. — Thanks!
Audio Fiction Drama — A Quirky Female-Led Comedy/Crime Series
Premise: Four New York City women have a group mid-life crisis when a bagman friend involves them in a jewelry smuggling sting.
Created & Written by Linda Andersson
Gina Glass
Denise Warner-Gregory
AJ Carter
Stephanie Johnson
Gwenith Knight
Written and Created by Linda Andersson
Produced by Linda Andersson and Gina Glass

Kit and the Mystical Forest from A Misanthrope’s Lecture

  • Narrated horror fantasy
  • 😱🌲👨‍👩‍👧
  • Season 1 finale dropped 9 Dec 2022 | 58 episodes available
  • Listening time: 3h 29m

An audio drama about a young girl named Kit who ventures into a mysterious and mystical forest on a quest to save her parents! Part fairy tale, part horror story, all thrilling! Written by T.L. Coleman, performed by ‘h, with original music remixed by Red Adachi!Yesterday’s still fresh in Kit’s mind — happy days she’d thought would never go away. Now, her and her family’s world is quickly unraveling. Find out what the future holds for the girl and her family in: Kit and the Mystical Forest starting with Part 1: Every Story Needs An Open!

The Banging of the Shrew by Joseph Stephen Leonardo

  • Dramatized satire
  • 🫦🎭🤭
  • Series complete as of 7 Dec 2022 with 6 episodes
  • Listening time: 3h 20m

It’s Shakespeare at its naughtiest in this hilarious sex-positive retelling of The Taming of the Shrew!

In Madame Baptista’s famed house of ill-repute, proud Mistress Kate must dominate over Peter Pluck, else lose herself to his command, while young Luke and fair Bianca fling themselves headlong into hormone-driven romance and forbidden love. High art meets tongue-in-cheek in six outrageous episodes of comedy, sex, and foul language!

Written, directed and produced by Joseph Stephen Leonardo.

A Walk with Ghosts from Bone13 Productions

  • Dramatized drama
  • Season 2 finale dropped 25 Nov 2022 | 30 episodes available | Season 3 starts Jan 2023
  • Listening time: 3h 22m

A lone wandering man stumbles across a radio talk show and tells the audience his story. This story takes us through his hard and interesting life and the people he had come across. His struggles with life are showcased in this dark, dramatic and romantic story.

Desolate Eden from Celestial Horizons

  • Dramatized scifi
  • 🚀💥⏳
  • Season 1 finale dropped 2 Nov 2022 | 3 episodes available
  • Listening time: 5h 26m

Desolate Eden is an original sci-fi audio drama set in the Celestial Horizons universe that follows Thomas Saberhagen — a wormhole specialist from Earth who is brought out of cryostasis 300 years later than he expected. He learns that not long after departure, all contact from Earth suddenly stopped. Now, the descendants of his fellow-travelers need Thomas’ help to return to Sol and discover why Earth went silent.

Red Meat Village from Voyage Media

  • Dramatized mystery thriller
  • 😏🕵️😱
  • Season 1 finale dropped 24 Oct 2022 | 4 episodes available
  • Listening time: 1h 36m

Destiny is missing. In the most dangerous neighborhood in New York City. The only men who can find her are private investigator Tony and the pro boxer who moonlights as his partner, Reggie. Destiny’s sister, Lisa, asks Tony to find her, but clearly knows more about the situation than she lets on. Tony might not be the most impartial, because he’s in love with Lisa, a married woman. And it all seems to be somehow connected to an underworld drug heist of cocaine worth millions. A contemporary neo-noir starring Catherine Bell (JAG, The Good Witch) and Malik Yoba (Cool Runnings, New York Undercover) from Voyage Media.

Creepy Twisted Asians from ZAG Studios

  • Dramatized horror anthology
  • Season 1 finale dropped 10 Oct 2022 | 8 episodes available | Season 2 releasing now
  • Listening time: 1h 24m

A collaboration between Fixi Novo and ZAG Studios featuring 6 spine tingling, unapologetically Malaysian stories adapted from The Big Book of Malaysian Horror Stories. The following anthology series contains diabolical characters, goosebump inducing soundscapes and chilling performances from Malaysia’s creative community. Creative production for the series was in collaboration with theatre partners Theatresauce, Tepak Tellaz, and Amberjade Arts

Mid Air Murder. Lusty Supernatural Indo maids. Pontianaks under the Basement. Cannibal Parents. Haunted Triathletes and the Psychotic Janice Lam…Listen and follow us for byte sized stories about some Creepy Twisted Asians.

Dirty Datuk was a Best Podcast Nominee at the Asian Podcast Awards 2021, nominated project at the Asia TV Forum & Market 2021 & Google-PRX Podcast Creator Programme Awardee in 2022

Roborockalypse [Audible exclusive] from Audible Originals & Starburns Audio

  • Dramatized scifi comedy musical
  • Season 1 finale dropped 23 Jun 2022 | 6 episodes available
  • Listening time: 3h 22m

The future is a crappy place. Our smart home devices got tired of being yelled at and created an evil army of Electrobots that nuked everyone. The human survivors scrounge out a dusty life in the desert where they farm radioactive potatoes and hide from Electrobot drones. Ely (Jessica McKenna — Star Trek: Lower Decks) is one of those potato farmers who lives with Father Bright (Chris Parnell — Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock). Ely’s just a scrappy young girl who wants to see the world outside her fence, and Father Bright is a priest who wants to keep Ely safe. One day, a mysterious stranger — Abe (James Monroe Iglehart — Hamilton) — kicks in the door and demands to know about a place known only as “The Big Box.” And nothing’s the same after that.

Roborockalypse is a hilarious and heartfelt cinematic audio experience that shoots you across the wastelands of the post-apocalypse and straight into the heart of the evil Electrobot empire, where humans must sing to survive. Along the way, you’ll meet the Warden (James Urbaniak — The Venture Bros.) — the bureaucratic Electrobot in charge of the human prison. M40 (Baron Vaughn — Mystery Science Theater 3000) — the Electrobot showman who melts anyone who can’t hold a tune. And a whole bunch of other weird characters that live in our little corner of the nuclear wastelands. You’ll hear firsthand how humans and Electrobots collide in a battle of the bands to decide the fate of the world! Put on Roborockalypse, turn it all the way up, and rock out to the show that’s like all the futuristic parts of Terminator, except with way more electric guitar.

Rock or Die.

New Seasons Starting Soon

The new year is right around the corner, and lots of shows are starting up again in early 2023. Here’s a look at the restarts happening in the next 30 days or so.

The Ostium Podcast by Alex C. Telander

  • Dramatized scifi
  • 🚪 🚠 ⛰️
  • Returning 1 Jan 2023 for season 6 | 59 prior episodes available
  • Listening time: 33h 33m

Ostium is a fictional podcast about a man who discovers a secret town with many doors that lead him to strange and interesting places.

The Strata from Mark R. Healy

  • Dramatized scifi
  • 🦾🤖👩‍💻
  • Returning 3 Jan 2023 for season 8 | 37 prior episodes available
  • Listening time: 15h 12m

In a dystopian city, an ageing courier is forced to go into business with an underworld ganglord in order to pay for the treatment that keeps him alive.

Underwood and Flinch (Saga) by Mike Bennett

  • Narrated horror
  • 🧛🏼‍♂️😱😄
  • Returning 4 Jan 2023 for season 5 | 67 prior episodes available
  • Listening time: 43h 13m

For hundreds of years, the eldest-born male of each generation of the Flinch family has been servant and guardian to the vampire, Lord Underwood.

While the Flinches have changed through the generations, Underwood has remained eternal. David Flinch had hoped to be spared the horror of serving his family’s lord and master, but when he is summoned to the Flinch home in Spain by his dying older brother, he knows his luck has run out.

After fifty years of slumber, Underwood is to be resurrected from the grave in a ritual of human sacrifice, and David, by right of succession, is to be his resurrector. But there is another Flinch, one who craves the role of guardian to the vampire: David’s sister, Lydia. It’s a job she means to have, even if it means making David’s the first blood shed in this new age of Underwood and Flinch.

Petrified by Peter Dunne / Liam Geraghty

  • Dramatized horror anthology
  • 💀 😱 🇮🇪
  • Returning 11 Jan 2023 for season 3 | 16 prior episodes available
  • Listening time: 8h 8m

Petrified — a horror fiction anthology podcast from a darker Ireland. Petrified tells the chilling tales of ordinary people encountering the supernatural, and their terrifying fates.

Written and directed by Peter Dunne. Produced by Liam Geraghty. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

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