The End #14 | Blood on Gold Mountain, The Second Oil Age & 6 more recently complete audiodramas + 2 shows starting up again soon!

Last week, I highlighted a bunch of long fiction podcasts, perfect for a long drive. This week, I’m bringing balance to the universe by highlighting, with two notable exceptions, shows you can easily binge in a day.

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Featured Finished Fiction Podcasts

Blood on Gold Mountain: A Story from the 1871 LA Chinatown Massacre from Micah Huang, Hao Huang, and Emma Gies

  • Narrated historical fiction
  • Season 1 finale dropped 14 Jul 2021 with 9 episodes
  • Listening time: 5h 40m

1871 Los Angeles was a dangerous place, especially for the refugees, migrants and troublemakers who lived on Calle De Los Negros, at the heart of Chinatown.

Yut Ho, a beautiful young refugee, came to LA and fell in love, only to be drawn into a showdown between two of Chinatown’s most notorious gangsters. Before long, the entire city was caught up in a life or death struggle where old-world values of kinship, honor and loyalty clashed with new-world issues of race, sex, and identity. The ensuing conflict would threaten the lives of Yut Ho and all the denizens of Chinatown– and would change the face of Los Angeles forever.

This true but largely forgotten event from California’s past is brought to you by the Holmes Performing Arts Fund of the Claremont Colleges, the Music Department of Scripps College, the Pacific Basin Institute of Pomona College, the Entrepreneurial Musicianship Department at The New England Conservatory, and the Public Events Office at Scripps College.

Blood on Gold Mountain was written and produced by Yan-Jie Micah Huang, narrated by Hao Huang, introduced by Emma Gies, and features music composed by Micah Huang and performed by Micah Huang and Emma Gies. A special thanks to Evo Terra from Simpler Media Productions for his expertise and support.

The Second Oil Age from iHeartPodcasts

  • Dramatized scifi
  • Season 1 finale dropped 26 Nov 2019 with 10 episodes
  • Listening time: 3h 45m

When an oil executive goes missing aboard the deep-sea Atlas Station, the company sends agent Synøve Pan down for answers — and she’s just the woman to get them. Welcome to the Second Oil Age: a sci-fi podcast that transports listeners to a post–energy-crisis world in which humanity’s thirst for oil is satisfied through a bargain with a mysterious deep-sea species. Binge the entire season now!

Recently Complete Fiction Podcasts

Here’s a rundown of the fiction podcasts that wrapped a season or the series in the last few weeks.

The Strata by Mark R. Healy

  • Dramatized scifi
  • 🦾🤖👩‍💻
  • Season 7 finale dropped 7
  • 37 episodes available
  • Season 8 starts Jan 2023
  • Listening time: 15h 12m

In a dystopian city, an ageing courier is forced to go into business with an underworld ganglord in order to pay for the treatment that keeps him alive.

The Hitler File from Voyage Media

  • Dramatized historical fiction
  • 😬🧠🕵‍♂️
  • Season 1 finale dropped 2 Dec 2022
  • 5 episodes available
  • Listening time: 2h 18m

Peter Stormare (Fargo, Constantine) and Denis O’Hare (American Horror Story, True Blood, Michael Clayton) star in this dramatic thriller audio drama, which imagines (based on real history) a relationship between Adolf Hitler and his reluctant personal psychotherapist, which turns deadly, as the two men meet when Hitler is just an unknown corporal and are surprisingly bound together during Hitler’s rise to power… and his downfall, when Dr. Dromyrk becomes determined to destroy him… Hippocratic Oath be damned. Adapted to podcast by Desmond Fosbery. Based on the novel “The Dromyrk File” by Brandon Rolfe

Sinclair Wants to Help! A Supernatural Self-Help Podcast by Sean Drabik

  • Narrated horror comedy
  • 🥸🔥☠️
  • Season 1 finale dropped 2 Dec 2022
  • 4 episodes available
  • Season 2 starts Mar 2023
  • Listening time: 2h 32m

Sinclair Wants to Help! A Supernatural Self-Help Podcast is a horror-comedy series starring Sinclair, a minor-level deity who’s lived for millions of years and collected millions of dollars in debt. Join him as he tells stories from his illustrious life and talks about all the wonderful and weird people he’s met and places he’s been and passes his knowledge and dark secrets onto you.

The Secret and Impossible League of the Noosphere from Pendant Productions

  • Dramatized scifi comedy
  • Season 1 finale dropped 30 Nov 2022
  • 6 episodes available
  • Listening time: 2h 53m

Introducing a secret society sailing in and out of space/time in a sentient airship. Caught in the Noösphere, where reality is formed and destroyed through the power of Ideas, Nicola Tesla, Ava Lovelace, and Lord Byron discover that someone is undoing time. The league will swindle con artists, employ Pinkertons, and pose as secessionists to prevent the assassination of President-elect Abraham Lincoln before he can even take office.


  • Dramatized horror mystery
  • Season 1 finale dropped 30 Nov 2022
  • 16 episodes available
  • Listening time: 7h 56m

In October of 2011, 4 college students disappeared in the woods near Porter Township, Pennsylvania while researching a documentary on children’s author Jakob Stanley.

Recently, their recordings appeared online.

In an effort to aid in the investigation, the families of those missing have agreed to release the recovered sound files.

Step 9 from New Normal Rep

  • Dramatized drama
  • Series complete as of 9 Nov 2022 with 8 episodes
  • Listening time: 2h 19m

STEP 9 tells the story of Emily, a woman wrestling with the implications of prosecuting the man who raped her in college 30 years ago. Is she willing to relive the horror of that night in the pursuit of justice? Pressured by both her strong-willed, pragmatic mother and her daughter, a passionate 21-year-old social justice warrior, Emily grapples to balance her need for due process with her emotional well-being.

Told with raw emotional honesty and surprising moments of humor, STEP 9 confronts our collective sense of justice, the political tensions of three generations of feminists, and the precarious balance between social obligation and self-care.

New Seasons Starting Soon

Catch up on these shows before they start dropping new episodes soon!

Dirt from STUDIO5705 | Fable & Folly Network

  • Dramatized mystery
  • 😯🤔😄
  • Returns 15 Dec 2022 for season 3
  • 13 prior episodes available
  • Listening time: 6h 50m

A strange letter. An impossible sender. Secrets hidden in the ground. From STUDIO5705, a scripted fiction podcast set in present-day Washington State about a man’s journey to unlock a family mystery — and find things long ago buried.

Underwood and Flinch (Saga) from Mike Bennett

  • Narrated horror
  • 🧛🏼‍♂️😱😄
  • Returns 4 Jan 2023 for season 4
  • 67 prior episodes available
  • Listening time: 46h 13m

For hundreds of years, the eldest-born male of each generation of the Flinch family has been servant and guardian to the vampire, Lord Underwood.

While the Flinches have changed through the generations, Underwood has remained eternal. David Flinch had hoped to be spared the horror of serving his family’s lord and master, but when he is summoned to the Flinch home in Spain by his dying older brother, he knows his luck has run out.

After fifty years of slumber, Underwood is to be resurrected from the grave in a ritual of human sacrifice, and David, by right of succession, is to be his resurrector. But there is another Flinch, one who craves the role of guardian to the vampire: David’s sister, Lydia. It’s a job she means to have, even if it means making David’s the first blood shed in this new age of Underwood and Flinch.

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Before we get to the end of The End this week…

I woke up feeling… weird. I actually fell asleep during my in-home workout. So I immediately went back to bed and slept for another three hours.

But I still feel… weird. Not sick. Just… off. So I’m keeping this ending short. Thanks for your attention. Send more subscribers my way. And consider supporting The End if you can!

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