The Case For Upgrading Your Podcasting Recipes

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It’s hard for anyone to know everything about podcasting. The most successful podcasters blend what they know with what they’ve learned. Their secret? Abandoning instructions that don’t work for them.

Sorting Podcasting Jobs By Intrinsic vs Instructions-Required

  • Intrinsic tasks are things that you’ve internalized. You know them deeply and can execute those tasks or processes without much hesitation. You probably have proof that they work, relying on data from before you started doing that task compared to after. Or they are things that are a part of Your Way because they are important to you and it’s important to you that you continue to do them Your Way.
  • Instructions-required tasks are everything else. They are the tasks and processes you’ve been taught about podcasting but still aren’t quite sure of. They’re often assumptions you’ve made from watching other podcasters. Those activities seem to work for them, but you still haven’t seen concrete proof. Or maybe they are items you were taught in a class or training course. Perhaps they are in the form of a checklist or are in a guide you turn to when it’s time to execute those set of tasks. They may have become routine, but they’re not quite intrinsic, because you’re still following someone else’s instructions, either figuratively or literally.

“Abandon Normal Podcasting Instructions, Evo?”



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