The Calm Before Audio Fiction’s Pumpkin Storm

Evo Terra
4 min readOct 27, 2023

Yesterday, the 60th issue of The End, the weekly newsletter that shines a light back on audio fiction shows after they’ve reached the finale of a season or the conclusion of the series, was sent to 1,801 inboxes around the world. If your inbox wasn’t one of them, here’s what you missed:

Featured Shows

These are my personal recommendations for great audio fiction. As with all things in life, YMMV.

🏃‍♂️🚀👹 • Deviser, a dramatized horror from Harlan Guthrie (Complete, 1 season, 7 episodes | 2h 42m — This short, gripping story was one of the best I’ve heard all year. I’m a huge fan of being thrown into the story without any exposition, and this tale does that splendidly.)

🔮 🀧 ♥️ • IN THE CARDS, a dramatized existential romantic comedy from Kevin Henderson & Next Chapter Podcasts (Complete, 1 season, 8 episodes | 4h 25m — Connor Ratliff is the lead actor and is the star of the hit podcast ‘DEAD EYES’. Chukwudi Iwuji is the villain in Guardians of the Galaxy 4, and Laila Robins has been in many films and TV including most recently ‘The Walking Dead’. Mystics and mediums make me sleepy, but this show was a blast. Great characters, and a fun storyline. And it sounds amazing!)

Complete Series

These shows have reached the end of the entire story so that you can enjoy the whole tale all at once!

🦇🎃🎙️ • London After Midnight, a dramatized gothic horror crime thriller from Jack Bowman, AudioMarvels®; Lance Roger Axt, Pocket Universe Productions; Kenton Hall, Monkey Basket Entertainment & Fable & Folly (Complete, 1 season, 1 episode | 0h 56m)

🎭🔪🩸 • Theatre of The Damned, a dramatized dark comic horror from B7 Media in association with Metal Rabbit & Audioteria (Complete, 1 season, 1 episode | 0h 47m — Theatre of the Damned is a partnership between independent production company B7 Media and theatre company, Metal Rabbit.)

🔥🌆🎤 • Flies in the Jar, a dramatized drama from Deep Drag (Complete, 1 season, 17 episodes | 4h 37m)

💢🔥👑 • ANGER, a narrated scifi/political satire series from Alexander Augustus(Complete, 3 seasons, 12 episodes | 3h 11m — It won some awards.)

Season Finales

These shows have reached the end of a season, but more seasons are in the works:

🗡️🩸👥 • Professionally Possessed, a dramatized horror anthology from Christine Mendiola & Goose Thunder Podcasting Network (1 season, 10 episodes | 5h 58m — Focus on female, trans, and non-binary characters.)

🐕🔮👻 • Who Killed Alaska?, a dramatized mystery adventure from Cameron LeBrun & The Ghost Factory (2 seasons, 19 episodes | 16h 33m — A queer perspective and a neurodivergent perspective. Includes found family and necessary breakdowns. Depicting characters who “feel strange,” because a lot of us feel strange a lot of the time.)

😆😭😱 • Kings of the Ring, a dramatized sports thriller series from Steve Te Tai & Mana Sports Media (5 seasons, 50 episodes | 30h 06m — Produced by POC writer and star.)

🧛🏼‍♂️🩸📼 • Shadows of a Dark Past, a dramatized gothic horror series from Ando Valentine & Ando Valentine Productions (1 season, 15 episodes | 3h 58m — Season 2 has been recorded and is in post-production now.)

New Seasons Coming Soon

Get caught up on the prior finished seasons of these shows before they start up again soon!

Check out the 60th issue for links to listen, descriptions, artwork, and more at

And have you listened to the companion podcast? It includes trailers, a bit of commentary, and is always short and sweet. Follow along at

That’s it from The End for this week. See you next Friday!

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