That’s Not A Podcasting Mistake — It’s A Feature!

To err is human. To really screw things up, it takes a podcaster. With or without a computer. Oopsies happen. Sometimes, leaning into our errors can uncover hidden intentions and creative growth.

Publishing Your Podcast Episode On The Wrong Day Or Wrong Time Of Day

This assumes that you have (and you should have) a set schedule of exactly what day and time you publish your episodes. Repetition breeds familiarity, and your core audience quickly begins to expect exactly when they can get your content.

Skipping A Plugin In The Mastering Chain

If you’re like me, you’ve a set chain of plugins and filters you apply almost every time you make an episode of your podcast. Even though those are applied much like muscle-memory, you can skip one. Maybe you forgot to add in noise reduction, by way of common example, and didn’t notice until after you published the episode.

Adding/Removing Too Much Space Between Segments

Space, silence, music, and effects have a huge impact on your show. If you’re a careful audio engineer, you spend a lot of time getting each transition just right.

Promoting With A Full-Length Audiogram Instead Of A Clip

Ignoring my skepticism on the demonstrable effectiveness of audiograms for podcasts, many podcasters rely on them as a staple of their promotional process. The tools that make it easy to make an audiogram also make it pretty easy to accidentally make an audiogram out of your entire episode instead of the short clip you had highlighted. And if the social destination you’re publishing on will allow it, your audience might see a 30-minute long audiogram from your show in their timeline.

Your Podcast Guest Isn’t A Good Fit For Your Show

Getting the right content out of the right guest is a mix of art, science, and the vagaries of the human brain on any given day. You may very well find yourself with a guest that just doesn’t fit. Maybe they weren’t vetted properly. Maybe they’re just “off” that day. Maybe you’re the one who’s off.

Recording Without Your Favorite Microphone

I can’t count the number of times I’ve wished I had my mic with me when I traveled. You remember when we used to travel, right? Or when I have remembered to pack my gear but stupidly forgot batteries for my portable mic. D’oh!

Losing Access To Your Sound Library

Many serious podcasters subscribe to one or more music licensing services. These typically come with monthly or annual agreements. But if payment fails, you may find yourself without access to your trusted library of music, effects, and loops. Now what?

Losing Access To Your DAW

Computers break down. The latest OS may automatically install, but your expensive podcast editing software doesn’t work on it. Or you’re traveling only with your laptop and it just can’t handle the big DAW. None of that matters, because you still have an episode to produce.

When “Oh Shit, I’m Recording TODAY?!” Happens

Through a fluke of scheduling, you’ve nothing lined up. No guest. No well-researched topic. Or maybe you’re passing a kidney stone and have only the energy to beg your audience’s forgiveness while you let the waves of pain and opioids wash over you. You know, for instance.

You Forgot To Socially Promote An Episode

Normally, you’re really good about promoting episodes after you’ve released them. In fact, you’ve built a near-bullet-proof, cascading process that takes the guesswork out of your episode promotions.

Not All Errors Are Created Equal

I’m a fan of fixing errors before they make it to the public. Some things that are “wrong” are just that: wrong. And you should fix them. Don’t take my words as permission to publish a .wav file “to see what happens”. We know what happens. It’s bad. If your mix has all of the vocal tracks playing at the exact same time so that all voices are incomprehensible, don’t publish it. Or if you did, delete it and republish a corrected version. If you said the wrong date when you were talking about the War of 1812, fix it in post.

Podcast philosopher. Professional contrarian. On a mission to make podcasting better. Hip he/him. คุณ | | http://Simpler.Media

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