Stop The Madness & Start Putting Your Podcast First Right Now

A bold new paradigm for professional service providers who podcast.

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Thinking Strategically About Your Podcast

Spend more than a few minutes in just about any podcast community and you’ll be bombarded with “how can I spend less time on my podcast?” threads. This, I think, is the exact wrong attitude for serious podcasters. And certainly the wrong attitude for the professional service provider who podcasts.

The Difference Is In The Distraction

When you Tweet about your business, you’re competing with the multitude of other Tweets sent out by the hundreds or thousands of other Twitter accounts your customers choose to follow.

Going Podcast First

Armed with that rather obvious bit of math, it makes total sense to not only invest more in your podcast channel, but to take a Podcast First approach.

Podcast Only

A good number of podcasts are of this style, where the podcast stands alone from everything else. Podcasts produced in this style don’t have much of a digital presence outside of podcasting confines.

Podcast As Well

This won’t win me any favors, but the vast majority of professional service providers who currently podcast fall into this camp. And, truth be told, it’s pretty common among my existing stable of clients.

Why Podcast First Is Better

When you go Podcast First, you’re not just another lawyer who happens to have a podcast. You’re not one more therapist who talks into a microphone every week and uploads a file up for someone to hear. You’re not the next-in-line broker who really wishes to be a radio talk show host.

So what is Podcast First?

Going Podcast First means no longer treating social media updates about your latest episode like a shotgun blast.

Yeah, But… How, Exactly? And What About “Right Now”?

The “right now” part starts with you deciding that your podcast is — or soon will be — important enough to your firm, practice, or consultancy to start putting it first.

Evo, who never wears a watch.



Professional contrarian. On a mission to make fiction podcasting better. he/him. คุณ | |

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Evo Terra

Professional contrarian. On a mission to make fiction podcasting better. he/him. คุณ | |