This content was created just before the big WWDC — World Wide Developers Conference — from Apple kicked off. All around the world, podcasters just like you (and me) will be watching live to see how the company that controls something like 85% of all podcast episodes downloaded around the world will change podcasting. Again.

  1. Calm down. Apple is not a stupid company. When they do kill off iTunes, they aren’t going to start throwing 404 errors when people click on your legacy links to iTunes. They’ll all redirect to Apple Podcasts. At least for a while. But even if they do work, you should change them. See #1.

Apple & Google Branding vs A Better Listener Experience

Both Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts have given podcasters branding guidelines of how they would like us to represent their apps on our pages. You’ve probably seen a consistently branded “Listen with Apple Podcasts” button and a “Listen with Google Podcast” button podcast websites. Those all look the same because Apple and Google (and a bunch of other apps) provide the button for easy integration.

Listen On Your Mobile Device

~85% of all podcast episodes are downloaded directly to a mobile device. Create two buttons for your website (I’m working on this today) that reference either “iPhone” or “Android”. Perhaps something as simple as “Listen on your iPhone” and “Listen on your Android” does the trick, where the first links to your show’s listing on Apple Podcasts, and the second to Google Podcasts.

Listen The Way You Listen To Other Stuff

That means that Spotify and Pandora. Remember, we’re designing this experience for people who don’t yet listen to podcasts on a regular basis. So I really don’t care — and you don’t care — if there are more superior listening apps than these two music giants. What you care about is letting users of these music giants that your content is already included in the listening service they already use.

Listening Dead Simple & Terribly Complex

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who never listen to anything on their mobile device that isn’t a live phone call. Weird, right? On the opposite side, there are power-listeners with complex listening apps that you can’t possibly cover. So we need to take care of both of them, and I think you can do it in the same section.



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