Podcast Your Way Through The Unknown

It’s not surprising that podcasters new and established want the best. But when they embark on successful paths blazed by others, they’re often disappointed with their own results.

Popping Big Podcasing Bubbles

Having a big-name guest on your podcast-if your episodes feature guests-will not make your podcast popular. It might make that episode more popular than some of your others, especially if you make it easy for the guest to share. Oh, and make an episode worthy of their effort to share.

Slaying Silly Superlatives

Do you want to know the best way to promote a podcast? There isn’t one. There’s no such thing as the best way to promote a podcast. There are lots of ways to promote a, and they all work to varying degrees.

Podcasting Is Risky, And That’s OK

The funny thing about the risk vs reward payoff is that it’s true. No, I’m not saying every risk you take automatically comes with a reward. The truth I speak of is that reward is rarely seen without risk. How big of a reward? How big of a risk? That’s debatable. Or unknowable, I’d wager.

Podcast philosopher. Professional contrarian. On a mission to make podcasting better. Hip he/him. คุณ | http://PodcastPontifications.com | http://Simpler.Media

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