Podcast Episode Planning For Hip-Shooters

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Few issues are more polarizing than the question of how much plan/prep time should go into a podcast episode. But if you cut out the extremists (who I think just like to argue), you’ll find there’s plenty of room for podcast planing and spontaneity.

Learning To Love Podcast Planning

When NOT To Break From The Plan

You’re Already Planning, Even If You Think You Aren’t

Upping Your Planning Game

  • Find your angle — The topic is what you’ll talk about. The angle is how you’ll talk about it. It’s where you want (hope?) the conversation to go. It’s the unique point of view on the topic that only you can bring.
  • Strong beginnings & solid endings — Even hosts of the most extemporaneous of shows should understand how the episode is going to begin and how that episode is going to end. The beginning of the audio episode this article was based on, for example, was totally scripted. I read it word for word into my mic. No, I don’t script out the ending, but that’s because, after 290+ episodes, I know what things I need to say at the end to wrap it up.

Don’t Screw This Up

Who Else Needs To Hear This?

I Want To Hear Your Quarantine Stories, Podcasters!



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