Of Important Days In May and Finished Audio Fiction

Featuring HOVERING & REBEL ROBIN: SURVIVING HAWKINS, + 8 complete series, 7 season finales, and 5 new seasons coming soon!

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6 min readMay 3, 2024

May is my favorite month of the year for many reasons, but mostly because of these three specific days: The First of May (which is as funny as it is naughty), Star Wars Day, and my wedding anniversary. And, it’s just damned nice outside in most places around the world. But, with the very real reality of global climate change, YMMV on that last bit.

A huge shout-out to Ian from Caspian Studios for becoming the latest Supporting Creative Shop! They are the studio that made The Hacker Chronicles, which you’ll recall I had as one of my Featured Recommendations last week. Ian tells me there are some other cool shows in the works, so look for more from them soon. Thank you, Ian. Your contribution means a lot. (And yes, you too can be like Ian, and I will also say nice things about you!)

One final note before I get into this week’s announcements: Last night’s insomnia was productive, as I came up with an idea to dramatically overhaul the site and the newsletter. Don’t panic! The mission remains the same, and the outcome will also be preserved. But, I think, if I can pull it off, it’ll be more streamlined and, ultimately, better. Also, there’s no way I used all those commas properly, so should just get on with it.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

- Evo

Featured Recommendations

I’ve listened to every episode of these shows, and proudly recommend them to you. As with all things in life, YMMV.

Hovering • 🛸🔭👨🏻‍❤️‍👨🏻 Dramatised small-town mystery/drama series from Alex Duncan & Plot Twist. Hovering is written by a queer person, about a queer person (and lots of the other creatives are queer, too!) I really enjoyed the approach taken here, where it’s presented as a series of “real-life” recordings. Lots of environmental sounds, but hardly any music bed under the dramatization. Well done! Series complete as of 21 Nov 2023. Listen to all 7 episodes in 1h 58m.

Rebel Robin: Surviving Hawkins • 📚🥐🏳️‍🌈 Dramatized fictional spinoff from Atypical Artists & Netflix. It’s a canon expansion of the Stranger Things universe and features two queer leads! Backstories and spinoffs aren’t something I normally go for. But when the production values and talent are this good, I’ll make an exception. If you loved the TV series, you’ll want this in your ears. Series complete as of 3 Aug 2021. Listen to all 6 episodes in 2h 06m.

Recent Series Completions

These shows have recently reached the end of the entire story.

Lavender Evening Fog • 🎠🫖🪻 Dramatized cozy haunted house mystery series from Victoria Dickman-Burnett, Ben Baird, and Nick Federinko. LGBT and woman showrunner, each episode has a tea pairing suggestion, the school that is central to the story is based on the real school the showrunner attended for grades K-3. Also features an adorable orange cat. Series complete as of 30 Apr 2024. Listen to all 26 episodes in 10h 15m.

Finding Satan • 🔍😈🔪 Dramatized horror series from Black Cat Collective. Series complete as of 30 Apr 2024. Listen to all 39 episodes in 15h 04m.

Fire & Ice • ⛸️👯‍♀️🥇 Dramatized sports romance series from Meet Cute & PICTURESTART. Executive produced by Lindy Goldstein and Nancy Kerrigan. Series complete as of 26 Apr 2024. Listen to all 6 episodes in 1h 30m.

Recent Season Finales

These shows reached the end of a season recently, but more seasons are coming.

The Time Traveler’s Guide to NOT Getting Caught • 🕰️🌍🦸‍♂️ — Narrated scifi comedy series from Michael Soll & Kelly Soll. Season 1 cliffhanger posted on 25 Apr 2024. Listen to the 19 current episodes in 12h 16m.

Insider Worldbuilding • 👻🧙‍♂️🫠 Dramatized fantasy world-building and exploration series from Fox Keyes. Series complete as of 18 Apr 2024. Listen to all 26 episodes in 10h 05m.

FulFillment • 🤣😜😉 — Dramatized comedy series from Isaac Rathbone, MA-9 Media, and Face2Face Productions. Season 1 cliffhanger posted on 12 Apr 2024. Listen to the 8 current episodes in 3h 43m.

Project Audion • 📻🎭🎙 Dramatized classic radio anthology from Larry Groebe & Project Audion. Recreating episodes from the classic radio drama days, performed live using lost or rare original scripts. Series complete as of 11 Apr 2024. Listen to all 13 episodes in 8h 26m.

New Seasons Coming Soon

Get caught up on the prior seasons of these shows before they return for a new season in a few days or weeks.

Season 4 of Harlem Queen, a dramatized fiction series from Yhane Washington Smith, starts on 5 May 2024. Catch up with the current 11 episodes in 3h 06m. 🙂😮🤔

Season 2 of Neurotic Literature, a narrated comedy series from James Lark, starts on 7 May 2024. Catch up with the current 10 episodes in 5h 01m. 🧐💀🫢

Season 3 of Creation: A Whole New Reality, a dramatized scifi horror anthology from Mikaila Simone Mack, starts on 17 May 2024. Catch up with the current 20 episodes in 6h 21m. 🌚🌠👽

Season 2 of The BEAM Chronicles, a dramatized scifi superhero series from MJ Dooney, starts on 18 May 2024. Catch up with the current 25 episodes in 12h 35m. 💥☠️⚖️

Season 3 of The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland, narrated stories for kids from Phoebe Owens Crozier, Hank Crozier, and Jason Roark, starts on 20 May 2024. Catch up with the current 36 episodes in 15h 38m. 🐶🚀🎉


Some not-so-recently completed or finale’d shows we’ve just added to our database.

Dorktales Storytime • 📚🤓🥹 Narrated kids stories with a geekish twist from Jonathan Cormur, Molly Murphy, Jodi Murphy, and Hamilton Studios. A Signal Award winning podcast by neurodivergent creators selected by Common Sense Media and Apple Podcasts for “outstanding entertainment that has been recognized with an official seal for quality and impact.” Series complete as of 14 Dec 2023. Listen to all 81 episodes in 23h 22m.

Peace Out • 🧘🏻‍♀️✌️😌 Narrated mindfulness stories for children and families from Chanel Tsang, Bedtime FM, and Perpetual Motion. Hosted by child and family yoga teacher and family supports practitioner Chanel Tsang and has been downloaded more than 5 million times and counting! Featured in The New York Times, School Library Journal, Mashable, and more. Series complete as of 22 Aug 2023. Listen to all 87 episodes in 22h 14m.

Bearstone County • 👻🤬🧑‍🌾 Narrated/dramatized mountain gothic series from Luke Mott & Somniatic Arts. Luke Mott also provides many of the voices, is the producer, and provides the musical score for each episode. Series complete as of 22 Nov 2022. Listen to all 6 episodes in 1h 39m.

Mary Farfisa’s Outer Space Radio Theater • 🚀🎶👩‍🚀 Dramatized musical scifi adventure for kids from Jim Cheff. Series complete as of 20 May 2022. Listen to all 33 episodes in 16h 19m.

Timestorm • 🕰️⛈️🇵🇷 Dramatized scifi thriller series for kids and families from Dania Ramos & Cocotazo Media. Common Sense Selection, Webby Award honoree (2020), On Air Fest Official Selects (2021), NJ WebFest winner (2021), Anthem Awards silver medal (2022), Latine/POC creative team and cast Series complete as of 29 Jul 2021. Listen to all 28 episodes in 9h 25m.

Pixie • 😱😫❤️ Dramatized/narrated fantasy adventure series from Rick Coste. Series complete as of 5 Jun 2018. Listen to all 9 episodes in 1h 34m.

Inhale • 😎😱😳 Narrated/dramatized superhero adventure series from Rick Coste. Series complete as of 7 Nov 2017. Listen to all 10 episodes in 1h 16m.

The Behemoth • 😳😱😫 Narrated fantasy adventure series from Rick Coste. Series complete as of 20 Mar 2017. Listen to all 20 episodes in 3h 03m.

Check out the 87th issue for links to listen, descriptions, artwork, and more at https://www.theend.fyi/newsletter/of-important-days-in-may-and-finished-audio-fiction

Want to listen to trailers for shows like these? Check out Binge-Listen: Finished Fiction Podcast Trailers, available wherever you get your podcasts.

That’s it from The End for this week. See you next Friday!

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