Milking Your Podcast’s Popularity For All It’s Worth

Podcasters have a myopic view of metrics, often putting the greatest import on statistics that matter the least to the people who matter the most — our listeners. Here’s how to do better for your show.

Other Media Leave Podcasting In The Dust When Popularizing Popularity

Content may be king, but only if the king is popular. You may not want to admit it, but you’re much more likely to watch a video with a million views than a video with zero. Why else do you think view counts and the number of subscribers to the channel are so prominent? The fact that both are flawed is meaningless in this context. They aren’t mean to be accurate. They’re meant to show popularity. Or, in the case of the Podcast Pontifications Videos channel on YouTube, a lack thereof. 😢

Pushing Proof Of Podcast Popularity

The most widely available proof of popularity for podcasts comes in the form of ratings and reviews collected inside a handful of podcast listening apps. I remain skeptical in-app ratings and reviews influence a significant number of people. And judging by the way the apps treat the display and collection of ratings and review, I think the podcast app makers are skeptical of the value of these data as well.

Ratings & Review Blits & Harvest To Promote Your Podcasts Popularity

This strategy starts with some common advice that I’ve never felt quite right about: get a bunch of ratings and reviews for your podcast. Even if your audience is small (and hopefully dedicated) you can ask them to leave a rating and a review of your podcast. But that’s only the first step.

Share Your Podcast’s Popularity, Not Your Downloads

Forget that you’re a podcaster for a moment. As a listener, which of these gives you the warm fuzzy that a podcast is popular:

  • This show has nearly 1,200 monthly listeners.

Push Yourself As A Podcaster To Show Your Own Popularity

Don’t forget the role you, the podcaster, play in increasing awareness and demonstrating the popularity of your own show. Actively seeking out guest spots on other podcasts (ideally in your niche) is a smart way to do this. My default answer is always “yes” when asked to be a guest on podcasts. It’s relatively low-effort for me, and I’m confident a goodly number of listeners to the episode I’m guesting on have never heard of me. And for those who have heard of me but haven’t yet listened to Podcast Pontifications, hearing me on a variety of shows they do listen to showcases my popularity, which becomes associated with my show’s popularity. Some will (finally) listen.

Podcast philosopher. Professional contrarian. On a mission to make podcasting better. Hip he/him. คุณ | | http://Simpler.Media

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