Making Your Podcast Better With Dynamic Content

If you think dynamic insertion is only for flooding a podcast with bad ads, think again. Here’s how one new podcast is pushing the boundaries of dynamic insertion and how it makes the show better.

Dynamic Podcasting != Boring Ads

Brace yourself, but there are eight points in the episode where dynamic content has been inserted. I know what you’re thinking: That’s a lot of ads to shove in a 30-minute podcast episode. And I’d tend to agree with you if we were treating all of those inserts like ads. But we’re not. I’d wager that you’ll only recognize the two “advertisements” in the episode that occur near the mid-point.

Keeping Podcast Episodes Timeless With Dynamic Content

The “base” episodes of Bryan’s show aren’t time-dependent. Neither are mine. And unless you’re intentionally making a show that follows the news or current events, you’re episodes are likely also timeless or evergreen.

Personally Thank Your Podcast’s Supporters On Every Episode

It’s pretty common to have “supporters” of a podcast, and a common perk to becoming a supporter or member is getting a shoutout during an episode. Some podcasters fulfill that perk on one episode for that supporter, and one episode only. Other podcasters read out the names of all of their supporters during each episode. But thinking forward, the limitations of both of those approaches become obvious.

Stop Asking Spotify Listeners To Rate And Review Your Podcast on Apple

My issues with begging for ratings/reviews aside, there’s a very good chance that your listeners are not listening to you on a podcast app that even allows for ratings or reviews. And every time you tell a listener on Spotify or Audible to “subscribe to the show”, they’ve no idea what you’re talking about, because the action is called “follow” in those apps. And others.

Making All Podcast Listeners Feel At Home

There’s a part in the episode where your country might be mentioned by name. Bryan has recorded something custom for I think six countries, with designs on recording more.

Different Content For Podcast Subscribers vs Episode Streamers

Bryan has a clever way to determine if a download came from someone who’s subscribed to his show or if it was just a one-off download. The jury is still out on the accuracy of the assumption he’s making, but in theory and combined with user-agent analysis earlier, he can extoll the benefits of subscribing to (or following) the podcast with a message that only reaches those who are more opportunistic downloaders. For those of us subscribed, he might just thank us for being a subscriber. Or follower. Again, it’s customizable.

What Will You Do With Dynamic Content On Your Podcast?

I’m really proud of what Bryan is doing with dynamic content in his new podcast. I love how he’s exploiting adtech not just to flood his episodes with ads, but as a way to increase both the relevance and personability of the episodes for his listeners. That’s amazing fine-tuning that I think will take podcasting to even greater heights.

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