Make Your Good Podcast Great With Syndicated Content

Rainbow colored circuit board. Sort of.
Rainbow colored circuit board. Sort of.
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Advances at podcasting’s back-end are providing unique opportunities for collaboration via syndication. No, not the last letter in RSS. Here’s how true syndication can make your episodes better.

This Is Really Simple, But It’s Not RSS

By syndicated content, I don’t mean the fact that every podcaster syndicates their episodes to various apps and directories with an RSS feed. Yes, the last letter in that acronym does, in fact, stand for syndication. But that’s not the definition of syndicated content of which I speak.

Syndication Ideas That Could Make Your Podcast Better

There are lots of ways you might use syndicated content to enhance your episodes. Producers of health-related podcasts could stay focused on building timeless content for their main segment, then use syndicated content to provide today’s health news. Or maybe inject a single tip for living a more healthy life? Sure, the producers could create those segments on their own. But that may not be a core competency.

Syndication Isn’t New, But Podcasting Can Use It Better

Other forms of media have used syndication for a long, long time. That advice column your stepmom still reads in her local paper? Millions of stepmoms are reading that same column in their local paper around the country. The investment update your rich uncle listens to at the top of the hour on his local finance-focused radio station is pulled off a satellite. And I hate to break it to you, but your local CBS affiliate isn’t where Star Trek: Discovery was taped.

Your Minute of Pod Zen

I spent the better part of Friday and Saturday of last week making my Minute of Pod Zen a reality so that you too can incorporate my syndicated content on your podcast. If you want it, you can have it. For free and I’ll even help you walk through the tech to make it happen!

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