Let Your Podcast Live Where Your Audience Lives

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Today’s podcast listener is fed up with your drive-by attempts to capture their attention. To reach this new audience, your podcast episodes have to live where they live.

Step 1: Does this platform allow me to natively upload my content?

If not, then you can’t do much more than just share a link to your episode, which is probably what you’re doing now. But you really should only do that if the platform doesn’t allow native multimedia (note I didn’t say “audio”) content. If the answer is yes, proceed with…

Step 2: Can I make the kind of native content that the platform requires?

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram all hate audio-only content. By hate, I mean you cannot natively upload an audio file to those (and more) platforms. You can, however, upload a video. And a key component to video is audio. Yes, so you probably can do that. If you have the resources. The good news is that the resources to make the kind of native content these platforms want is more accessible than ever.

Step 3: Is the native content I can make appropriate to the platform?

I’m sure there’s a way to force IGTV or Periscope — both designed for the sharing of live content — to take pre-recorded video or a long audiogram. But that’s not what the people who live on those platforms want. And Twitter prohibits native videos just over two minutes long, so it may not be practical to whittle down an entire episode to that length. (Though if you can, then your episode is too long. But that’s a conversation for another time.) But if you can make native content appropriate to the platform, you definitely should. Because the people on that platform are making the choice to live there and consume podcast episodes there. They live there. And if your episodes can also comfortably live there, they should live there.

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