Issue #78: This Completely Fictional Day Is Perfect for Listening To Completed Audio Fiction!

Evo Terra
5 min readMar 1, 2024

I’ve a new Collection for you this week-Super-short Series. It contains-currently, as I add new shows to collections as they come in-129 finished audio fiction shows that will take you less than 2 hours to binge. Because sometimes you just need a quick listen. Or maybe you don’t want to invest hours upon hours. Browse this collection and find your next fix.

There’s a lot going on in the world, so I’m electing to keep this preamble short. That, and I have some serious thinking to do regarding this newsletter, the site, and the companion podcast. My quandary isn’t existential (yet) but some things need to change. You can assuage some of my angst by supporting The End and becoming an Individual Supporter today. That’d be nice.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

- Evo

Featured Recommendations

I’ve listened to every episode of these shows, and proudly recommend them to you. As with all things in life, YMMV.

🖤❤️😨 • LampLight Radio Play — Dramatized “quiet horror” anthology from Andrew Wardlaw & Apokrupha, LLC. 2017 Sarah Award for Best New Producer. Great stories. Great talent. Exquisitely produced. If you like Twilight Zone-type stuff, you’ll enjoy this short and completed series. Completed on 1 Jan 2024 for a listening time of 3h 14m across 12 episodes in 3 seasons.

🎧🌳📼 • Forest 404 — Dramatized environmental thriller from BBC Radio 4. This is an impressive audio storytelling adventure, mixed with conversations with experts and soundscape episodes. And it helps that the material trips all my post-apocalyptic triggers. Binge it! Completed on 30 May 2019 for a listening time of 3h 20m or 5h 57m across 9 or 27 episodes.

Recently Completed Series

These shows have recently reached the end of the entire story.

🌲😱🪲 • The Love Talker — Dramatized folk horror tragedy series from W. Keith Tims & Alien Ghost Robot & Celebrity Tumour. Completed on 28 Feb 2024 for a listening time of 8h 02m across 10 episodes.

🏔️🏕️🔥 • Torchwood: Sabotage — Dramatized scifi action story from Big Finish. Completed on 22 Feb 2024 for a listening time of 1h 18m.

⬅🕰👩🏻‍💼 • Rescuing Ravenstocke — Dramatized romantic time-travel comedy thriller from Svenska Spindlar. Completed on 14 Feb 2024 for a listening time of 1h 58m.

Recent Season Finales

These shows reached the end of a season recently, but more seasons are coming.

🌊🌙⚔️ • Noara: The Last Moon — Narrated epic adventure fantasy series from Atypique Studio. A word-for-word adaptation of the eponymous novel. Season 1 cliffhanger posted on 12 Feb 2024. Listen to the 13 current episodes in 5h 07m.

New Seasons Coming Soon

Get caught up on the prior seasons of these shows before they return for a new season in a few days or weeks.

Season 2 of The Cara Files, a narrated scifi adventure and love story from Tony Warner, starts on 1 Mar 2024. Catch up with the current 10 episodes in 2h 40m.

Season 3 of Samite, a narrated horror series from J.W.G. Wise, starts on 4 Mar 2024. Catch up with the current 8 episodes in 3h 10m.

Season 2 of Oneiric, a dramatized scifi journal from Vincent Lauzon & PodCavern, starts on 4 Mar 2024. Catch up with the current 10 episodes in 2h 54m.

Season 2 of The Patient Files, a dramatized horror anthology from Christopher George & Dark Papers Entertainment, starts on 8 Mar 2024. Catch up with the current 23 episodes in 14h 16m.

Season 2 of Your Horror Show, a dramatized horror anthology from Ryan Joseph Murphy, starts on 19 Mar 2024. Catch up with the current 10 episodes in 3h 50m.

Season 2 of Reformation Abroad, a dramatized scifi series from Stove Leg Media, starts on 25 Mar 2024. Catch up with the current 5 episodes in 1h 26m.


Some not-so-recently completed or finale’d shows we’ve just added to our database.

🚢😒🎲 • Macaw, an original audio drama — Dramatized scifi comedy series from Jason O. Silva & Drew Rausch, J. Oliver Entertainment, and Dog in a Sidecar, in association with Studio Awesome. Lance Reddick’s final project (very sad). Also stars Jonathan Silverman from Weekend at Bernie’s and Danielle Savre from Station 19. Season 1 finale posted on 8 Jan 2024. Listen to the 6 current episodes in 2h 34m.

👻🌲🫎 • Rocking Chair; or, Settlement — Dramatized folk horror musical from Colby J. Herchel, Kelly Oostman, Nathanael Taylor, Scantic River Productions, and Realm. Completed on 30 Dec 2023 for a listening time of 4h 53m across 9 episodes.

📖👻🌩️ • Zariya Hollow — Dramatized gothic mystery from Alexiel de Ravenswood & Witchrest Productions. Our podcast is crafted by a dynamic team of LGBTQIA, disabled, and POC creators. Season 1 cliffhanger posted on 25 Dec 2023. Listen to the 14 current episodes in 21h 37m.

🤯🫨🫠 • Marsfall — Dramatized sci-fi action/adventure series from Erik Saras, Sam Boase-Miller, Dan Lovley, Brian Goodheart & Realm. Season 3 cliffhanger posted on 10 Oct 2023. Listen to the 31 current episodes in 16h 33m.

🤖😢💜 • Eliza: A Robot Story — Dramatized scifi from Emma Hickman, Ella Watts & Crowd Network. Produced in partnership with Manchester Women’s Aid, and released during Domestic Violence Awareness month. It’s a multi-award winning show — most notably winning Best Audio Drama at the Independent Podcast Awards in 2023. Completed on 21 Nov 2022 for a listening time of 5h 23m across 8 episodes.

☠️💣🇬🇧 • Filthy ’47 — Dramatized 1940s-set comedy-thriller from Danvers Nettlefold. Completed on 25 May 2020 for a listening time of 2h 16m across 4 episodes.

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