Issue #68: The Audio Drama Llama is Packed to the Gills with Completed Audio Fiction!

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6 min readDec 22, 2023

Ho, ho, Holy Night! This issue is bursting at the seams! That’s partly because I got a wave of Christmas-specific shows I needed to highlight right now. But it’s also because the submissions have been pouring in!

To help, I’ve added a new section to the end (heh) of the newsletter I call “ICYMI,” and I’ll use it to announce shows I’ve recently added to our database that weren’t completed all that recently. That puts the focus on ‘newly completed/finale’d/coming soon shows, but also gives some love to the gracious creators who are helping fill out backlog. (Though I’m partially ignoring that today, bumping all the Xmas-related shows to the top!)

Oh, and if you think this issue is Christmas-heavy: it is! ’Tis the season, after all.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

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Featured Recommendations

I’ve listened to every episode of these shows, and proudly recommend them to you. As with all things in life, YMMV.

🔎🎄👻 • The Midnight Carols — Narrated dark fantasy Christmas story from Vincent Robert-Nicoud & Sentinel Creatives, Dramafy. If Charles Dickens and H.P. Lovecraft had a baby, that baby would have written this story. Krampus has nothing on this unsettling holiday tale! ( Complete series with 1 season, 8 episodes for a listening time of 3h 17m.)

🎅🏻👧🏼❤️ • Miracle on 34th Street: The Radio Play — Dramatized heartwarming Christmas drama from Elizabeth Hansen & Dramafy. I’ve actually never seen the movie of the same name. So, while listening to this was a welcome Xmas treat, it also filled a hole in my cultural awareness! (Complete series with 1 season, 3 episodes for a listening time of 1h 17m.)

Not-so-Recently Completed Series

These shows have reached the end of the entire story and are very Christmas-y, so I’m choosing to put them here!

❤️🎄🎅🏻 • Tune Into Christmas — Dramatized heartwarming Christmas tales told through 50’s era radio from Elizabeth Hansen & Dramafy. Completed on 7 Dec 2021, for a listening time of 0h 27m across 3 episodes in 1 season.

❤️🎄🎁 • A Gift — Dramatized faith-based Christmas tale from Matthew P. Woerner, AudioImagination77 Productions, and Dramafy. Completed on 1 Dec 2021, for a listening time of 1h 0m across 1 episode in 1 season.

🪄🎄🎶 • Jimmy and the Star Angel — Dramatized Christmas fantasy musical from Jerry Robins, Colonial Radio Theatre, and Dramafy. Completed on 9 Oct 2016, for a listening time of 1h 44m across 2 episodes in 1 season.

Recent Season Finales

These shows reached the end of a season recently, but more seasons are coming.

🫖👁️⏳ • Kane and Feels: Wheel — Dramatized horror series from Skadi’s Symphony. It’s a celebration of the seasons that we’ve been doing for a year. Season 3 finale posted on 21 Dec 2023. Listen to the 16 current episodes in 9h 07m.

🌲🔥💀 • Submitted for the Approval of the Midnight Pals — Dramatized comedy horror from Bitter Karella & Robin Johnson. An adaptation of Bitter Karella’s Hugo-nominated social media microfiction. Majority queer and neurodivergent creators. Season 1 finale posted on 19 Dec 2023. Listen to the 8 current episodes in 5h 05m.

😈👹👻 • Your Horror Show — Dramatized horror anthology from Ryan Joseph Murphy. Part of Pocket Casts “Halloween Horrors” List. Season 1 finale posted on 18 Dec 2023. Listen to the 10 current episodes in 3h 50m.

👽📊🚀 • inc: The Podcast — Dramatized scifi office comedy from Monte D. Monteleagre and Alexander Wolfe & Wolf Mountain Workshop. Queer led and it has women in it. Season 1 finale posted on 18 Dec 2023. Listen to the 28 current episodes in 14h 38m.

🤔😯😱 • E.A.T.I — Dramatized scifi cosmic-horror mystery from “Myster”. Season 1 finale posted on 14 Dec 2023. Listen to the 7 current episodes in 1h 11m.

🦾🤖👩‍💻 • The Strata — Dramatized scifi thriller series from Mark R. Healy & Fable & Folly. Season 9 finale posted on 12 Dec 2023. Listen to the 60 current episodes in 26h 11m.

🎭😆🌌 • TwentyOne 21: A Black AF Scripted Audio Comedy — Dramatized scifi comedy from Uzo Chijioke & Courtney Marie Simpson & TwentyOne 21 Podcast llc. An entirely Black and Latino cast, crew, and production team. All music that has lyrics was written and produced for purposes of the show or sourced from independent Black musical talent. Season 1 finale posted on 9 Nov 2023. Listen to the 8 current episodes in 2h 34m.

New Seasons Coming Soon

Get caught up on the prior seasons of these shows before they return for new season in a few days or weeks.

Season 3 of Murder, Mischief & Mayhem!, a dramatized fictionalized throwback true crime series from Justin Vyor & Ed & Ken’s Excellent Adventure LLC, starts on 1 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 8 episodes in 3h 20m.

Season 2 of Isfet Archives, a dramatized scifi series from Nico Rodriguez & Creative Typo Entertainment, starts on 1 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 10 episodes in 4h 51m.

Season 2 of Midnight on Mercy Mountain, a dramatized comedy series from Mallory Spencer, starts on 1 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 17 episodes in 3h 04m.

Season 3 of 253 Mathilde, a Dramatized scifi story from, starts on 1 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 19 episodes in 7h 39m.

Season 5 of Omega Star 7, a dramatized comedy scifi series from Team Omega Star, starts on 2 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 61 episodes in 28h 05m.

Season 5 of Inn Between, a dramatized fantasy comedy from Hannah Wright, starts on 3 Jan 2023. Catch up with the current 56 episodes in 13h 32m.

Season 2 of Strange New Worlds And Spaced Out Tales, a narrated scifi anthology from Jim Cogan & , starts on 17 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 7 episodes in 3h 34m.

Season 2 of Lucidus Somnia, a Dramatized scifi thriller from Bargo Productions, starts on 17 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 6 episodes in 2h 47m.


Some not-so-recently completed or finale’d shows we’ve just added to our database.

🥾🏕📻 • Do You Copy? — Dramatized horror series from Delaney Sutton. Produced by a gay and genderfluid creator who loves some good he/they, she/they solidarity! Season 1 finale posted on 19 Oct 2023. Listen to the 14 current episodes in 3h 28m.

🌈⚔️✨ • Sidequesting — Dramatized fantasy from Tal Minear & Realm. Winner of Best Fantasy Podcast at the 2023 LA WebFest Season 3 finale posted on 14 Jul 2023. Listen to the 31 current episodes in 9h 54m.

🌍😱🎼 • Mortis Maledictum — Dramatized/narrated cosmic dark fantasy from Dark Arc Books. Season 1 finale posted on 25 Apr 2022. Listen to the 12 current episodes in 4h 35m.

🚀🇬🇧👽 • Dan Dare: The Audio Adventures — Dramatized scifi comic adaptation from B7 Media & Completed on 21 Apr 2022, for a listening time of 7h 24m across 6 episodes in 1 season.

🫥🦠🚛 • Delivery — Dramatized scifi noir horror from M.T. Goins & Celebrity Tumour. Goodpods Top 10. Season 1 finale posted on 25 Dec 2021. Listen to the 13 current episodes in 3h 54m.

🌳🎶🏢 • The Grove — Dramatised fantasy mystery series from Roar Creative Productions. Completed on 14 Oct 2021, for a listening time of 1h 40m across 6 episodes in 1 seasons.

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