Issue #66: I Got You the Gift of Completed Audio Fiction for Christmas

Featuring LAST KNOWN POSITION & SCROOGE: A CHRISTMAS CAROL + 3 season finales and 7 new seasons coming soon!

Evo Terra
4 min readDec 8, 2023


Yesterday, the 66th issue of The End, the weekly newsletter that shines a light back on audio fiction shows after they’ve reached the finale of a season or the conclusion of the series, was sent to 1,944 inboxes around the world. If your inbox wasn’t one of them, here’s what you missed:

Featured Shows

These are my personal recommendations for great audio fiction. As with all things in life, YMMV.

🎄🎭✨ • SCROOGE: A Christmas Carol — Dramatized classic holiday story from Mark Ramsey Media & Hope Media Group. Notes from creator: All-star cast featuring Sean Astin as Ebenezer Scrooge and John Rhys Davies as the narrator. Evo’s take: An all-star cast and exceptionally well-crafted sound design make for an amazing story. It seems quite true to the source material, if memory serves. ’Tis the season, after all. (Complete with 1 season, 4 episodes for a listening time of 2h 00m.)

🌊🛥️🦑 • Last Known Position — Dramatized horror thriller from QCODE Media. Notes from creator: Starring Gina Rodriguez and James Purefoy. Evo’s take: I’ve been on a “monsters from the deep” kick recently, and SPOILER! — This one is top-notch. The storyline is great, and the acting and sound design really bring the script to life. Not that I want giant monsters from the deep to come alive, but you take my meaning. (Complete with 1 season, 8 episodes for a listening time of 4h 47m.)

Complete Series

These shows have reached the end of the entire story so that you can enjoy the whole tale all at once!

No complete series were posted this week. Bummer. Luckily, there are other options below.

Season Finales

These shows have reached the end of a season, but more seasons are in the works:

🇺🇸🧟🎶 • Pale Columbia — Dramatized historical fiction series from Justin Heyman & Just Likely Productions. Season 1 finale posted on 5 Dec 2023. Listen to the 6 current episodes in 2h 23m.

⏱️💥🤯 • Tales of the ZugarouX — Narrated/dramatized suspenseful scifi series from Nel Zim. Season 1 finale posted on 30 Nov 2023. Listen to the 14 current episodes in 3h 31m.

🚀🤩🏝 • StarTripper!! — Dramatized scifi adventure comedy from Julian Mundy. Audio Verse Award Winner — Best Ongoing Comedy, aiming for your personal award for “Most Nourishing Audiodrama.” Season 2 finale posted on 4 Aug 2022. Listen to the 26 current episodes in 12h 01m.

New Seasons Coming Soon

Get caught up on the prior finished seasons of these shows before they start up again soon!

Season 18 of Selene, a dramatized supernatural mystery and horror series from Aaron J. Reardon & Rusty Quill, starts on 12 Dec 2023. Catch up with the current 79 episodes in 27h 18m.

Season 4 of The Diaries of Netovicius the Vampire, a narrated contemplative fantasy series from Hugo Pierre Martin & O4A Films, starts on 13 Dec 2023. Catch up with the current 36 episodes in 6h 31m.

Season 2 of Birds of Empire, a dramatized post-apocalyptic fantasy series from Jason Lew & QCODE, starts on 18 Dec 2023. Catch up with the current 8 episodes in 4h 18m.

Season 3 of Murder, Mischief & Mayhem!, a dramatized fictionalized throwback true crime series from Justin Vyor & Ed & Ken’s Excellent Adventure LLC, starts on 1 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 8 episodes in 3h 20m.

Season 2 of Isfet Archives, a dramatized scifi series from Nico Rodriguez & Creative Typo Entertainment, starts on 1 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 10 episodes in 4h 51m.

Season 2 of Midnight on Mercy Mountain, a dramatized comedy series from Mallory Spencer, starts on 1 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 17 episodes in 3h 04m.

Season 5 of Omega Star 7, a dramatized comedy scifi series from Team Omega Star, starts on 2 Jan 2024. Catch up with the current 61 episodes in 28h 05m.

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That’s it from The End for this week. See you next Friday!

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