Is Today’s Controversy Tomorrow’s Podcast Episode?

When a controversy is brewing, should you take a stand on your podcast? If the topic is important enough, you may feel compelled. But how deep should you go, and how will that change your show?

Should You Bring Your Podcast To The Fight?

Shows that cover current events or have established their entire format around shock value naturally cover controversial topics. It’s built into their very DNA. But for the rest of us, especially those of us who have niched-down our focus, the decision to wade into controversy should be a considered one.

1. Is the topic worth it?

If you’re going to interrupt your normally not-controversial production efforts to present your opinions of an argument, the controversy at hand probably needs to be a pretty big one. Minor annoyances and trivial matters (recognizing you have to define those terms for yourself) likely aren’t worth the risks, as you’re about to see.

2. Is your podcast the right platform?

You don’t have to jump into the fight. You control the contents of your show. Even if you have strong opinions on a worthy topic, your show may not be the right venue to express that opinion. You may decide a more prudent course of action is to use other platforms to express your opinion and keep your podcast out of the fight, even if the controversy is in your domain.

3. Does your audience want you to be controversial?

Because your show isn’t one done for shock value or one that covers current events, some of your listeners appreciate the safe harbor your show offers them. Some of them are going to be taken aback by the shift in your tone as you veer out of your lane to cover a controversial topic.

Wading vs Swimming In Controversy With Your Podcast

If you answered all three of those questions in the affirmative, you next need to decide how deeply to dive into the topic.

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