If Podcasting Can’t Please Everyone, Should We Even Try?

Girl looking disapointed
Photo by Yang Deng on Unsplash

Two decades in & podcasting still draws ire from high-profile detractors whose broad brushes paint us in unflattering shades. But there’s truth in their criticism if only we’re brave enough to look.

On Average, Half Of All Media Sucks

Blindfolded Circle-Jerk, But With Microphones

Podcasting With The End In Mind

Tips On Avoiding Sameness

  • Fact-check your uniqueness. That means listening to other podcasts. Yes, podcasts that are similar to yours. But also podcasts that are not similar. And if you’re interviewing guests, spend time listening to that guest on other podcasts and ask them something different.
  • Get off the SEO hamster wheel. Chasing keyword rankings or hitting the same trending topic is, for most, a losing game. Spend some time looking at what really is attracting new listeners to your site/show and double-down on developing your own voice.



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Evo Terra

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