How To Share Your Podcasting Brilliance & Not Be A Jerk About It

Podcasting is awash with helpful guides & trainers. But there are also plenty of hucksters & shysters turning out a quick buck. How do you stay on the right side when you have knowledge to share?

Do We Need Another Book About Podcasting?

Many people are drawn to writing a book for the same reason they are drawn to podcasting: How hard can it be? Well… pretty hard, as you know. No, it’s no giant burden to talk into a microphone. We do it all the time. Nor is it terribly daunting to type words into a computer. Again, we do it all the time.

Should You Write A How-To Podcast Course?

The internet is lousy with online learning management systems (LMS) that are almost begging you (and helping you) to distill your knowledge down to a saleable course that you can market to others who want to learn from you.

Should You Become A Podcast Coach?

There are lots of ways you can coach other podcasters, but I suggest you look at a narrowly-defined coaching role. So more a hitting coach than the manager of a baseball team. Or a vocal coach, perhaps. As you know, there are lots of aspects to podcasting. And while lots of people are good at particular niches, most podcasting pros aren’t going to be great coaches for all-things-podcasting.

Is Podcast Mentorship Right For You?

If you’re a regular listener/reader of my content and you’ve been podcasting for a while, you’d probably make a great mentor for another podcaster!

How Should You Best Share Your Podcasting Experience?

So which is the right approach for you? Should you commit to writing a book? Would a course be better? Should you hang out your shingle as a coach? Or should you seek out opportunities to serve as a mentor? I can’t answer that. And honesty, you may not be able to answer it either. At least not by yourself.

Podcast philosopher. Professional contrarian. On a mission to make podcasting better. Hip he/him. คุณ | | http://Simpler.Media

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