How To Produce A Podcast On Your Business’ Schedule

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Conventional wisdom will have you believe that you have to produce a podcast every single week. But that’s not true for most businesses. Here are three better ways, with three great benefits, to take your brand’s podcast in a better direction.


Is there an event on your business’ yearly calendar that you or your employees are going to either attend? Or maybe your business is putting on your own event? And even if you aren’t planning on attending, perhaps there’s an event that is incredibly popular within your industry, attended by potential customers, existing clients, and even your competitors


Think “seasons”. As in, “the seasons”, like Fall or Spring. Now think about the seasons your business or industry goes through on an annual basis. Can you build a series of podcast episodes that coincide with that business cycle?


Even though you are likely not in the business of publishing like a newspaper or a magazine, there may be some things that you are in fact publishing.

  1. You’ll have time for serious promotion.
    You can plan out your promotions much better when you break the weekly habit. Promotion of individual elements — episodes — seems fresher and more important when it’s not something you have to do because a new episode is dropping on Friday.
  2. It allows for easy content repurposing.
    Let’s face it: There’s a limit on the number of places where re-sharing a weekly podcast episode makes sense. The same “racing against the clock” problems that fatigues marketers and promoters also fatigues those who are trying to repackage and repurpose your content.

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