How To Find Fiction Podcasts In 2023

8 resources to guide you on your quest (see what I did there) to find a fiction podcast you’ll love.

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The r/audiodrama Subreddit

Yes, I know Reddit is scary. It’s way too easy to piss someone off or run afoul of an entire community. And Redditors are very good at online fighting.

Screenshot of audiodrama subreddit

The Cambridge Geek

You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who’s been curating audio fiction for longer than Rob, The Cambridge Geek.

Header image for

The End

A nice balance to Rob’s focus on brand new audiodrama productions is The End, a newsletter that shines a light back on fiction podcasts when they’ve reached the conclusion of a season or the entire series.

Another invaluable database with a committed curator is home page screenshot

Rob, The Cambridge Geek from above, maintains his own database of fiction podcasts on

Fiction Podcast Weekly

Fiction Podcast Weekly is a newsletter from The Podcast Host that is both for creators and consumers of audiodrama in podcast form.

Screen grab from The Fiction Podcast Weekly.

Great Pods

How about a database not just of fiction podcasts, but critical reviews of those fiction podcasts? Check out the fiction section of Great Pods.

Great Pods header image

Audio Drama Reviews

Hey, speaking of reviews, how about Audio Drama Reviews?

What Did I Miss?

This article was not meant to be an exhaustive list of all the places you can go to find your next fix for fiction podcasts. However, I’m always interested in connecting with others who help curate the listening experience for others. So if you know of something I should know about, let me know! You can email me or connect with me on Mastodon.



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