How Podcasters Can Generate Great Ideas For Social Media Posts

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Posting about your podcast on social media without posting ONLY about your podcast can be exhausting. I can’t fix that, but I can give you 10 questions to ask yourself that make for great social post ideas.

10 Ideas For Podcasters Who Have No Idea What To Post About On Social Media Other Than Their Latest Episode

1. Did someone recently leave you inspired with a new episode idea?

2. Did you recently record a fantastic interview?

3. Has anything changed in your podcast tech stack?

4. Did you recently schedule an episode?

5. Have you learned something new?

6. Did you just sculpt the most fantastic bit of sound?

7. Have you made any personnel changes?

8. Have you been noodling on writing an article?

9. Are you frustrated, scared, or facing yet another existential crisis?

10. What’s happening?



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