How Long Does It Take To Make A Better Podcast?

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Like anything, making a better podcast takes time. Sure, spending more time on the craft of podcasting is probably a good idea. But how much time should you budget for your podcasting efforts, especially if you’re short on budget?

Minimum effort for a better podcast: 8 hours per episode.

“That’s insane!” you say, knowing your podcast episodes are only 30 minutes long. How could you possibly spend 16x more time making an episode than it takes for a listener to consume it? That sounds like a Brewster’s Millions-level of silliness, right?

Par excellence effort for a better podcast: 100+ hours per episode.

The best shows in the podcasting world today are well-produced, well-researched, and worthy of competing with other professionally-produced content from other mediums. The budget for making a show of this caliber is over 100 hours. And no, that’s not one person doing tasks for 100 hours. That’s a team of individuals that not only engineer the sound, but also those who work on the story of each episode. It’s a grueling editorial process that has nothing to do with engineering. It’s poring over hours of “tape”, scraping bits that don’t work, and getting back in the booth to record something that does, perhaps with a dozen retakes. It’s sending the “final” file off for professional mixing and mastering. And then it’s a team of marketers and publicists working — often well before the episode is released — to make sure it spreads as far as it can.

Sensible effort for a better podcast: 20–50 hours per episode.

100+ hours is a lot to swallow. And even if you could figure out the ROI on the effort, you’d probably be stuck not knowing how you’d spend those hours! So start with a more sensible budget of 20–50 hours.

You don’t get bonus points from listeners for time savings during the creation process.

Consider an amazing piece of art you’ve seen. A high-quality piece worthy of hanging in a gallery. A creation that almost everyone would consider, amazing, wonderful, and beautiful. You enjoy this masterpiece because it is a masterpiece, and the amount of time it took to create the masterpiece doesn’t matter to you in the slightest. In fact, if you had the opportunity to meet the artist, you probably wouldn’t start with “How much time did that take you?” Because that’s a dick question to ask, and you don’t want to be a dick.

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