Going Business-First With Your Podcast Is A Smart Business Move

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What’s in your podcast says a whole lot about your brand. So why not go business-first to set your show apart from the rest? (Hint: your potential customers will love it!)

Case Studies

People want proof. Especially in business, where talk is cheap. But a well-crafted case study shows how the products or services offered by your business caused a meaningful change on or more of your clients.

White Papers

Again, you probably are saying “Evo, I don’t I don’t really read white papers.” But once again, I promise you that in the business world, white papers are consumed. A lot! White papers showcase one or more aspects of your business in a deep-dive. It’s not casual. It’s an on-purpose and a rather exhaustive rundown of one or more aspects of your business. And it’s oftentimes just what a potential client needs to get them to commit.


Businesses spend a lot of money to fly employees to conference all around the world. Much of their time is spent in the audience, listening to (or getting inspiration/advice/etc from) people on stage. The person on the stage has not only a captive audience of dozens, hundreds, and sometimes even thousands of people but a highly qualified audience who are choosing to hear what this business/brand has to say.

  1. Taking a business-focused approach to your podcast’s content is a lot more work than just doing a casual interview show.

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