Cultivate The Right Connections To Become A Professional Podcaster

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Very few professionals achieve professional status on their own. It’s really no different in podcasting. The real trick is connecting with the right people who can help you reach the next level. But that’s not as easy or clear as you might think.

Your friends will not help you become a podcasting professional.

Your friends are and should be your friends first. It’s rare to have friends that are incredibly, brutally honest with you. That’s true even for me, a notoriously “tough” friend. I only offer my opinion when specifically asked, and even then my recognition of our friendship often prohibits me from giving a completely honest answer.

Your family will not help you become a pro podcaster.

First, it would be odd that another family member is as into podcasting as you. But it’s not impossible. Podcasting is a 15-year-old industry that’s recently come to maturation, so it’s possible you have a crazy old uncle who’s been doing this for 15 years. Even if that does describe your situation, your crazy old uncle may not be the best person to get advice from., simply because his advice might be 15 years out of date.

Your fans will not help you become a podcasting professional.

Fans want one thing: More of what you’re doing. More of the thing that you do that made them a fan of you in the first place. Fans are incapable of being truly objective about you making any changes that might impact the thing that they are a fan of. Much like family, they’ll either blindly support whatever you do or they’ll hate anything other than the thing they love. That’s what makes them fanatics.

The right support community can help you turn pro.

There are lots of communities for podcasters. But not all communities are created equal when you’re trying to make the jump to pro. Facebook groups, Meetups, Twitter chats, Discord servers… I know of dozens, which means there are probably hundreds of different communities offering support to fellow podcasters.

The right coach can help you turn pro.

Remember, I’m not talking about monetizing the podcast you are doing right now. When I talk about going pro, I’m talking about making you into a professional in this industry. That might mean you need to specialize in one aspect of podcasting. It certainly means you need help building or honing the skills necessary to compete at the professional level.

The right supporting cast can help you turn pro.

I know a lot of professional writers. None of them are professional copy editors. Because while writing and editing are both valuable and necessary parts to publishing a great book, they are two very different skillsets. So writers who are making the transition from indie writers to professional writers tend to have a great copy editor in their back pocket. And great proofers, developmental editors, and book designers.

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