Convincing Your Contacts To Listen To Your Podcast

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The people who you (or your business) communicate with on a regular basis may be the perfect people to listen to your show. You’d think getting your contacts — business or personal — to listen to your show would be easy. It’s not.

  1. Don’t pollute the communication channel

Don’t Pollute The Communication Channel

Since most of my clients are businesses, they often have an email list ranging from hundreds of people to tens of thousands of people. Some clients maintain very active lists, meaning that they send out emails on a regular basis, often weekly.

Make Your Contacts Feel Special

There’s a reason people are connected with you on these various channels. These people have chosen to engage with you on the communication channel that they prefer. If they don’t want to get emails from you, they have already unsubscribed. If they don’t care about the updates you send out on Twitter, they have already stopped following your account. Those that stick around on those channels like that special content you make just for that channel. They want to be rewarded — heck, they expect to be rewarded — for following you on that channel. And by “rewarded”, I mean made to feel special.

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