Busting The Myths of COPE and CORE For Podcasting

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The concept of both COPE & CORE — Create Once, Publish Everywhere and Create Once, Repurpose everywhere — sound great. But are they take a lot of strategy and time. Are they worth the trouble for podcasters?

It All Starts With Audio

Why Not Shoot Some Video While You’re At It?

So You Think Live Video Is Right For Your Podcast?

All That Media Content Needs Some Text

Don’t Forget The Long-Form Text For Your Podcast’s Website

And Then Remember The Web Is A Visual Medium Too

Make Social Shares That Don’t Suck

Don’t Forget The Original Killer App — Email!

All The Cool Kids Are Doing Audiograms

Moving Beyond COPE and CORE

Technology Helps But Doesn’t Solve Our Problem

Create At One Time, Then Publish Accordingly

Share The Good (?) News With Another Podcaster You Know

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