Bringing Back The Magic To Your Boring Podcast

It’s hard to make an engaging podcast when you’re bored. It won’t take long before your audience knows something is off. Here how to beat back the boredom before it beats down your show.

Change It Up!

If you’ve listened to or read my words for any length of time, you know I’m a big fan of change. Change is good and healthy for your podcast, so try these on for size:

  • Change the voice(s) on the show. Bring on a co-host. Or perhaps get rid of a co-host and try a solo show for a few episodes. Or maybe a season.
  • Change the focus of your podcast. Again, not the topic, but niche-down further to better refine the focus on your topic. Or maybe side-niche, a term I might have just made up where you shift your focus to something adjacent to what you’ve been covering.
  • Add a new segment to your show. My show is nice and short, but I’m thinking about adding in some additional content at the end of my episodes. Yes, perhaps even some syndicated content. (BTW… I have content you can syndicate to your podcast if you’d like.)

Start Something Brand New

Many of us have room to do more than one thing. And with all the experience you’ve gathered from the time you’ve been podcasting, there are likely offshoots you could explore to keep your head in the game. You could:

  • Become a service provider. You know that thing you do on or for your show that you do better than anybody else? Other people-podcasters and beyond-may want to offload that job to someone just like you. If you find it fun and exciting, offer it up to others!
  • Explore not-podcasting mediums. Not everything you think about has to be put into a microphone. Maybe some of your ideas are better suited in a Medium article. Or perhaps a Substack newsletter. Remember that only around a third of the population listen to podcasts regularly. Your ideas are likely worthy of reaching more people.
  • Try producing a live show. No, not a live version of the show you’re already growing bored with. Something brand new! New live audio and video services are cropping up all the time. Jump in and try your hand at making a show without a net!
  • Start another podcast. Ideally on a completely unrelated topic so that boredom doesn’t creep over. There’s probably more to your personality than the one thing you are podcasting about right now. Considering you already know how to podcast… make another one that’s just for fun or as a creative outlet.

Call It Quits

If none of that sparks an idea, maybe it’s time to throw in the towel. There’s no shame in retiring from podcasting and sunsetting your show(s). All things come to an end. And if you later decide you want to make your comeback-great! Podcasting will welcome you back with open arms. I’ve quit podcasting twice now. The first in a huff, and the second time by my own design and on my own timeline. And yet here I am again, this time four times a week!

Fighting Boredom With Your Friends

I’m not big on asking for help, but that’s not a personality trait I wish on others. As I become more open and personal, I’ve learned that sharing my concerns with others has been a big help. Who knew!

Podcast philosopher. Professional contrarian. On a mission to make podcasting better. Hip he/him. คุณ | | http://Simpler.Media

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