Blending Listener Emotions For A Better Podcast

Intentional or not, your listeners have feelings for your podcast. Understanding how your episodes influence their emotional state is key to strengthening their connection to your show.

Are You Not Informed That You Will Be Entertained?

Every one of your episodes elicits some sort of emotional response from every one of your listeners. Intentional or not, every podcast evokes an emotional response. Even if the podcaster had no intention of doing so. It happens. We’re human

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Some Podcasters Are Experts at Blending Emotional Responses

There’s a fascinating study from 2017 that examines 27 distinct categories of emotion, which is a lot more than the basic emotional responses most people can list. (I highly encourage you to spend some time with the interactive tool associated with that study to see how all of those emotions work together when exposed to content.)

What Emotions Can You Blend With Your Podcast?

Ponder the show(s) you make, and think of the emotional responses elicited in your audience. What’s the primary emotion your think your content elicits in your listeners? Chances are, you’re probably trying (or not trying) to make them feel either informed or entertained. But what else?

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