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Featuring SUPREME: THE BATTLE FOR ROE & DARK SANCTUM, + 7 complete series, 3 finished seasons, and 4 season restarts!

Evo Terra
5 min readMay 17, 2024

What a week!

The database upgrade continues. We’re about 41% done, and we’ve been trying to tackle the hardest ones first. I expect things to speed up as we go along, so… maybe it’ll be all done by the next newsletter issues? If you only experience The End via the newsletter, you really should check out how and where these listings appear on the website. It’s pretty nifty.

I’m calling out-in a good way-two very special fiction fans. The first is Twiglets, an avid fiction podcast consumer who lets me know when season finales are posted well ahead of creators. I thought I listened to a lot, but Twiglets has me beat. Keep up with their listening by following them on Mastodon. Next is Robert Kingett, a blind listener and writer who very graciously lets me know when I’ve done something to the website that negatively impacts people who use screen readers. He, too, is on Mastodon, and worth a follow.

As The End is many, many dollars away from covering its very real costs, I’m grateful for amazing people like these who volunteer some of their precious time to help me make this site better. And, of course, I also am very appreciative of those who choose to support The End financially. Which can be you. Now, please and thank you.

In theory, I’m helping organize some audio fiction performances at Phoenix Fan Fusion next weekend. If you’re attending, I hope you’ll stop in and enjoy the performances. Or at least say hello.

Let’s get into it, shall we?

- Evo

Featured Recommendations

I’ve listened to every episode of these shows, and proudly recommend them to you. As with all things in life, YMMV.

Supreme: The Battle for Roe • ⚖️👩‍⚖️👨‍⚖️ Dramatized political thriller from Aaron Tracy, Kelly & Kelly, and iHeart. Nominated for a 2024 Ambies Award for Best Fiction Podcast. All episodes available as of 16 Aug 2023. Listen to all 9 episodes in 5h 28m.

Dark Sanctum • 😨😱🫨 Dramatized horror thriller from Mark Ramsey Media LLC & Realm. Audio is one of the stars of the series. It is fundamental to the choice of stories and the way the stories unfold. Final episode of Season 1 posted on 1 Mar 2023. Listen to the 7 current episodes in 2h 29m. Next season: Slated for Mar 2024.

Featured Collections

Check out these collections to find your next finished audio fiction fix!

Time Travel-ishCurrent title count in this collection: 21
Wormholes, police boxes, ancient tomes, and other explorations of jumping around in time.

Work Sucks, We KnowCurrent title count in this collection: 12
Tales of the grind, making the bacon, office romance, and generally celebrating(?) capitalism, baby!

This Week’s Season Finales

The Mysteries of Derlin County • 😳😂😳 Dramatized comedy parody series from K&B. Designed and created to be immature and stupid, specifically to shut your brain down and make you laugh to get through a hard day. It’s loaded with dry, morbid, and crude humor, and listener discretion is advised. Final episode of Season 8 posted on 16 May 2024. Listen to the 126 current episodes in 54h 51m. Next season: Unknown.

The Flight of the Bucket • 🚀🪐👩‍🚀 Dramatized scifi comedy series from Adam Arthur, Troy Burnette, and Superhappy Productions. Final episode of Season 1 posted on 13 May 2024. Listen to the 10 current episodes in 3h 48m. Next season: Slated for Nov 2024.

Returning With New Seasons Next Week

Season 3 of Creation: A Whole New Reality, a dramatized scifi horror anthology from Mikaila Simone Mack, starts on 17 May 2024. Catch up with the current 20 episodes in 6h 21m. 🌚🌠👽

Season 2 of The BEAM Chronicles, a dramatized scifi superhero series from MJ Dooney, starts on 18 May 2024. Catch up with the current 25 episodes in 12h 35m. 💥☠️⚖️

Season 3 of The Adventures of Power Dog in Dogland, a narrated stories for kids from Phoebe Owens Crozier, Hank Crozier, and Jason Roark, starts on 20 May 2024. Catch up with the current 36 episodes in 15h 38m. 🐶🚀🎉

Season 2 of Remote, a dramatized parapsychological psych-fi thriller from Matthew Heinze and Hertz Up, starts on 21 May 2024. Catch up with the current 8 episodes in 2h 29m. 😵‍💫😯🤔

Just Added

The Side Piece • 😉🫦💔 Narrated chic lit suspense audiobook from JM Vella, DrJoVO, and JMV Productions. All episodes available as of 24 Apr 2024. Listen to all 34 episodes in 4h 42m.

THE HATCHERY • 🤣💋🤰 Narrated dystopian chick lit parody audiobook from JM Vella, DrJoVO, and JMV Productions. All episodes available as of 9 Mar 2024. Listen to all 42 episodes in 8h 27m.

Saratoga Lights • 🕯️🤠💀 Dramatized supernatural western crime thriller series from Randall LaRue, Matthew David Rudd, and Dual Tape Deck. Final episode of Season 2 posted on 11 Dec 2023. Listen to the 20 current episodes in 5h 17m. Next season: Slated for Oct 2024.

Joys and Splendors • 😲❄️🚁 Dramatized spy thriller series from Kate Werneburg, Winterbird, and TACTICS Theatre Group. Created and produced by women and LGBTQ people. All episodes available as of 18 Nov 2023. Listen to all 3 episodes in 1h 52m.

Stacks of Arkadia • 🔺🎶🔊 Narrated cyberpunk audiobook from Andre Velazquez. A single for the series “New Game”- Stacks of Arkadia is also available that show cases the world through music video. All 11 episodes of this limited series are available as of 2 May 2023 for a listening time of 1h 38m.

Tobias and Syd • 😲🚬💗 Dramatized time travel romance series from Elspeth Penny & 2BU Productions. Wins! 3rd in the Audio Fiction World Cup 2023 and the top UK podcast! Winner Best Audio Fiction Standalone, Sydney Webfest 2023, Winner Best Audio Fiction Standalone Apulia Web fest 2023; Winner Best Narration Baltimore Next Media Fest… Ell Potter. This one is weird. Like a fevered dream from smoking too much tobacco. Or something else. But it sounds incredible! All 4 episodes of this limited series are available as of 20 Jan 2023 for a listening time of 1h 08m.

Almelem • 📜🎭🕰️ Dramatized historical fiction series from Sean Williams & Gideon Media. This show spends time looking at the female and non-binary characters that have been left out of the early church mythology. All episodes available as of 15 Dec 2022. Listen to all 5 episodes in 2h 38m.

The Other Path • 🧙‍♀️👹🌳 Dramatized fantasy and folklore stories from Laurie Steven & Odyssey Theatre. Five audio dramas are inspired by fantastical tales from the past, but set in today’s modern world. Written by award-winning Canadian writers, each episode comes alive with the voices of professional actors and artfully crafted music and sound. All 5 episodes of this limited series are available as of 30 Nov 2022 for a listening time of 3h 17m.

Check out the 89th issue for links to listen, descriptions, artwork, and more at

That’s it from The End for this week. See you next Friday!

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