A Little Thinking On Big Podcast Stats

As a general rule, don’t stress out over your podcast’s stats. Your podcast will probably get the audience it deserves. And when you start looking closely, your numbers start making a lot less sense.

Apple Podcasts Has The Biggest Presence In My Stats (And Probably Yours)

For the better part of 15 years now, Apple Podcasts (was: iTunes) has been the biggest app used to download podcast episodes across the board. In aggregate, they remain the leader. Thanks to aggressive moves by other big-money and big-user-base apps, the gap between Apple and it’s rivals is shrinking. But they still lead.

Podcast Nerds In Strong Second Place

Examining the same time-frame, I see that 21% of downloads were attributed to Overcast, an iOS-only app that is held up as the gold standard for power listeners of podcasts. It’s my wife’s app of choice and the one we use together when we’re driving in the car listening to podcasts we only listen to when we’re together. True love right there, baby.

Bringing Up The Rear

At 10.3%, downloads attributed to Spotify are — pardon the pun — spot-on with the aggregate marketshare usually attributed to Spotify. The remaining 35% of downloads reflect the intentionally-diverse distribution methodology I’ve established, covering smaller podcast listening apps and browser-based requests. All normal stuff.

Not-Quite Quantum-Level Weirdness Exposed

That the percentages shift drastically when drilling-down to individual episodes didn’t surprise me. Individuals buck averages all the time. What did surprise me, however, was the consistency at which the anomaly occurred.

Phantom Spotify Downloads?

Remember earlier when I said that Spotify has been responsible for over 10% of my downloads since Season Three started? Well, I can’t see any appreciable Spotify download activity on the 10 most recent episodes of my show. It’s just not on the list. So whatever Spotify users are hitting, it’s not my new stuff.

Different Strokes for Different Apps

At the risk of offending my friends, Steve, Ted, Zach, and others who work on Apple Podcasts, I worry the inherent behavior of apps is so vastly different that it’s impossible to evaluate them on an even playing field.

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