A Brief Lesson Podcasters Can Learn From Politicians

Whether podcaster or politician, those in the upper echelon tend to be better communicators. Here’s an unlikely tip you can implement to tighten up your show, senator-style.

Trust Me, I’ll Be Brief

I’m used to hearing from senators in soundbites, usually clipped from their brief appearances on political talk shows, other interviews given, or stump speeches. Last week was the first time I really paid attention to them in situ, as it were. And almost to a person, they were fantastic communicators. Heck, even the bad ones (and there are plenty of bad ones) were actually quite good at getting their point across in short, less-than-five-minute speeches.

So… All Podcast Episodes Should Be Five Minutes, Evo?

No, I’m not suggesting that you constrain all of your episodes to five minutes. (Although, if you can boil your message down and effectively communicate it to your audience in only five minutes, then why are you going than that?) The lesson here is finding a way to incorporate a chunk of “conciseness” into each of your episodes.

Letting Your Inner Orator Out To Play On Your Podcast

The message here is simple: Embrace, re-embrace, or build your skills as an orator. Because it’s easy for a podcaster to sit behind a microphone and talk. It’s another thing to prepare and polish enough to talk on-point for a short amount of time. That’s tricky.

Do You Even Clubhouse, Bro?

I’ve been active on Clubhouse for a little over a week and continue to be intrigued by the platform. So much that I have a few ideas that I think you might be interested in as well. If you’re active on Clubhouse, follow me over there-predictably, my user name is evoterra-and either DM me on Twitter (@evoterra) or send me an email (evo@simpler.media) to tell me you want to play in my sandbox.

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