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Many podcasters say they want to improve their shows. One easily overlooked area of improvement is you. Specifically, your ability to tell better stories with your episodes. This mnemonic device can help.

One of the most crucial skills a podcaster must possess is the ability to tell stories. Barring some weird edge cases or those experimenting within our medium, I’ll go so far as to say that every podcast is a storyteller, whether they consider themselves to be or not.


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Appealing to the needs of your listener base is key to making a successful podcast. But there’s one listener who has slightly different needs than the rest. Make sure you’re fulfilling their needs too.

What need does listening to your own show fulfill for you, the podcaster? I’m not asking you what you get out of making your podcast. I’ve talked extensively about how the act of creating a show impacts you, either professionally or personally. Or maybe both! So keep on hitting…

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For as public a medium as podcasting is, a lot of information about specific podcasts is private. But private doesn’t necessarily mean secret. How different would podcasting be were we more forthcoming?

On Monday’s episode, you learned that PodInbox’s voicemail service makes all voicemails left for podcasters public. At least at first blush, that seems a radical thing. Which is partly why I’m attracted to the idea. I like radical thinking!

But as you ponder the merits of how you personally…

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If you’ve ever snail-mailed a friend, you’ve paid to get someone’s attention. In the future, would you allow your listeners to pay you to get your attention, podcaster? Spoiler alert: you probably already do.

More often than not, podcast tech always seems to be looking for a way to get podcasters paid. And that’s a good thing! Many podcasters are cash-conscious. Some are trying to make a living. Some just trying to pay their hosting bills and other hard costs. …

It’s the rare podcaster who doesn’t want more engagement or feedback from their listeners. But getting people to do so has been historically hard. Maybe the incentives need to change?

Voicemail and podcasting have made for strange bedfellows since the beginning of podcasting. I remember when (now defunct) numbers were all the rage. I set up a bunch for all the podcasts I was hosting back in 2005. Ah, the old days!

Back then, voicemail for podcasts was…

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Your podcast is more than just your audio file. And as podcasting continues to mature, the not-just-audio parts of your show will become more important factors that influence your podcasting success.

It’s a new year and perhaps a new you? What about a new you with a renewed commitment to get even more serious about podcasting? If so, excellent. …

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Nearly twenty years in, and many podcasters still have trouble thinking of podcasting as an industry. But our problem does not plague cash-flush brands looking to enter our industry. Who’s perspective will win out?

What’s the value of the podcasting industry?

If you have any idea at all (no shame in not), then you’d probably peg the number at around $1,000,000,000-a billion dollars. And not just because it’s a nice, big number, but because that’s what the IAB projects U.S.-based podcasters will see…

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My Long Winter’s Nap is over, and the podcasting landscape has never looked brighter. And maybe a little different? No, a lot different. I’m convinced the changes are just getting started. Hold onto your butts!

Welcome back to me, faithful reader! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Two months, by my count. Thanks very much for sticking with me during my annual Long Winter’s Nap. And if you discovered me recently while I was on my annual break, welcome!

There’ve been, as happens, some…

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