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It’s said that money can’t buy happiness. Well…it can’t buy podcast listeners either, according to the data generated from a Facebook Ad experiment I funded for 76 days and have just terminated.

Over the last 2.5 months, I spent $360 of my hard-earned cash on Facebook Ads to prove something I already knew: Facebook Ads are not a great choice for podcasters looking to grow the audience of their podcasts.

More specifically, it proved that a Facebook advertising campaign was prohibitively…

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Celebrity podcasts are killing it, and plenty of podcasters wonder if there’s a secret to podcasting like a celebrity. As it turns out, there is! But is it relevant to podcasters who aren’t celebrities?

The great thing about having so many celebrities starting their own podcasts is the thongs of new people those shows bring into the medium of podcasting. Hello, new listeners! Welcome to podcasting!

The worst thing about having so many celebrities starting their own podcasts is that some of those…

Streaming services like Apple TV+ are changing how television and movie content are created, consumed, and classified as successful or not. Changes an agile medium like podcasting can learn from.

Someone at Apple TV+ must have installed a tap directly to my amygdala because the new lineup of shows currently releasing seems tailor-made for me. So I’ve been watching a lot of it. And as I was doing so recently, my thoughts turned to podcasting. Probably because all the…

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The romantic notion of the struggling artist runs deep in indie podcasting. But while every indie podcaster struggles to get their production to the world, not all struggle to make ends meet.

A quick scheduling note to kick things off: There are only four more episodes of Podcast Pontifications before I go on my Long Winter’s nap. That’s this missive, plus three more this week. Then you’ll have to wait a few weeks before you get new content from me. So…

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Your podcast is unique. Just like every other podcast. Or just like every other podcast tries to be. The truth is figuring out your show’s unique point of view is hard. Asking these four questions can help.

When I ask clients, “Who is your podcast for?” I typically hear answers that indicate they’re casting far too wide of a net. Sometimes they actually say “everybody,” which we all know really means “nobody.”

But during the resulting conversation, my clients are quickly able to course-correct and get…

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Consistency is often key in podcasting, and your show’s format is part of that. But your format is simply a tool that helps you better tell the story to your audience. Sometimes, a different tool may get better results.

Format! Format! Format! It’s was drilled into our heads when we were early-stage podcasters. Either as something to select and never deviate from or as something to avoid because it’s been borrowed from other media, and podcasting is meant to be free!

I’ve seen successful podcasters take positions on…

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Why do you podcast? Yes, plenty of selfish reasons are important if only to keep you podcasting. But does it go deeper than that? I asked the community and was blown away by the responses I received.

What bigger mission does your podcast plug into? What lofty goal are you trying to achieve with your podcast? What higher purpose are you trying to serve with your podcast?

The inspiration for today’s episode comes from a friend of mine, Pam Slim, an amazing community builder and business…

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On the whole, podcasting hasn’t been kind to video content producers. And video hasn’t been kind to podcasters’ wallets. But four developing trends could change how podcasters think about video in the future.!0b179

In the beginning, there were audio podcasts. And then about 13 seconds later there were also video podcasts. I may be exaggerating the 13 seconds, but it sure seemed like very little time passed before content creators realized that video files could be distributed via RSS feeds just as…

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Far too many podcasters cede control of the narrative, of their episodes to their subject. Here’s how to take that power back, make better episodes, and wind up with even more content to share.

Earlier this year, I picked up a line from Tom Webster of Edison Research:

Know who you are for and why they are there.

Honestly, I think about that all the time. And it’s really helped me better refine what content I produce for you on this podcast. …

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“Just the facts, ma’am,” said no podcast listener ever. Yet, the podcasting directories are filled with niched-down podcasters proclaiming their expertise. Is that what your audience truly wants?

I’ve never been comfortable when people apply the terms “expert” or “guru” to me. Though yes, I suppose I do tick all the boxes of an “expert at podcasting,” but I still bristle at the term. I always have, even for things unrelated to podcasting.

Perhaps you feel the…

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