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Most successful podcasters don’t make most of their income from their podcast. So why do successful people, from celebs to business leaders, keep investing in their own podcasts? Legitimacy and access.

There is a perception in the world that all podcasters belong to one of two camps; those who make most, if not all, of their income from their podcast, and those who make none, or very little, of their income from their podcast.

But that perception is nowhere near…

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Worrying about growth, new tech, and other podcasting distractions can cause you to forget that your audience is your audience, not a nameless pool you have to fight for week after week. Lean into them.

I’m not a big fan of the word authentic. On the one hand, it’s been so overused that, to me at least, it’s lost all meaning. And on the other hand, the word is often misused. Anyone talking about authentic American food is using the word authentic incorrectly.


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Conflicting advice plagues podcasters. Be yourself, but also follow this exact format, or you won’t have a successful show. Resolving that conflict isn’t easy. But it starts by trusting your talents.

From a young age, we’re taught not to be showoffs. Clearly, some people ignore this social edict, relying on others obeying that social conditioning so that their own antics shine through.

In other cultures and countries, showing off is more than a minor foul. It’s deeply frowned upon to…

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Some once-exclusive podcasters are challenging the notion that you can never go home again. They assume their audience will be happy to see them. But the reality may not line up with those assumptions.

The podcast world is again seeing increased activity for exclusive deals. Only this time, it’s not just shows moving toward exclusive relationships with a single platform. We’re seeing an increasing number of shows moving out of their exclusivity deals and once again becoming widely distributed across all platforms.


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You can’t judge a book by its cover. But our podcasts are judged by a single episode — our most recent. It’d be better if we were judged by a collection of our best episodes. But how would we do that?

If you wanted to figure out the most popular episodes of your podcast; how would you go about doing that?

I think there are a number of untapped opportunities for podcasters-and podcasting-if we had ready access to this information.

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Consistently releasing episodes on a set schedule is a good idea to keep your overall audience happy. But that doesn’t mean that every individual listener is listening to every individual episode. Is that OK?

Last week, you didn’t get to listen to any new episodes of or read new articles from Podcast Pontifications because I was exploring the jungles and beaches of Belize. And yes, I had a lovely time.

Strangely enough, I also didn’t get to listen to any new episodes of…

It’s International Podcast Day! A day when podcasters around the globe celebrate their craft and their journey, regardless if they’ve been podcasting for 17 days or 17 years. Speaking of that last one…

Happy International Podcast Day, wherever you are on the globe. That’s both the beauty and misunderstanding of international podcasting day. It’s not only for people who podcast internationally, requiring you to be an international traveler or anything like that. No! It’s for podcasters of every nation. It’s a day…

Podcasting is easy. For like five minutes. Then reality sets in. The reality of making great content that people can’t help but share. Podcasting doesn’t come with guarantees. So is it worth it?

Chat with me about growth marketing for podcasts, and it won’t be long before I utter the phrase “Podcasts tend to get the audience they deserve.” Those eight words have become part mantra, part axiom for me. Because they do accurately represent my overarching worldview of podcasting.

Other podcasting…

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Micropayments have been touted as the next big revenue source for podcasters since the beginning without much success. But could changes by social media finally herald in our money-flowing future?

Because you’re a smart and savvy podcaster, you know how important it is to submit your podcast to every listening app and directory. Your podcast is not only available on “the big ones” but also every relevant podcast listening app. …

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It’s true that it’s cheap to start a podcast. It’s also true that the best podcasters don’t often podcast on the cheap. Getting serious about podcasting means selecting serious podcasting tools and services.

In just about every craft or trade, you’ll find purveyors of picks and shovels or other tools of the trade. Some of these tools are often used by everyday people to perform similar tasks in their everyday lives. …

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