3 Tips To Perfect Alignment Between Your Podcast And Your Business’ Brand

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As a business owner, you know how to make sure your business brand is on point. Here’s how to apply those same techniques to your business-focused podcast.

You have to become a listener of your podcast (and others).

You wouldn’t let a brand new biz dev person pitch to a prospect or client without screening their deck and presentation skills, would you? And you’d likely accompany your biz dev people on key pitches from time to time so you could observe them in action, right?

Give your team time to make great content.

It’s not a 30-minute long process to put out a 30-minute long podcast episode. That should not surprise you. It might only take you 15 minutes to read the latest white paper your company put out. But you do recognize it took longer — much longer — than 15 minutes for your employees to assemble that paper, right?

Partner for the future.

It’s very possible that the people inside of your business cannot do this alone. It might be necessary to partner with someone because the podcasting space is moving crazy fast.

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