3 Things To Master Before Promoting Your Podcast

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After 16 years, the amount of misinformation — some intentional, some misguided — around podcast promotion continues to grow. Before you spend any money or effort promoting your podcast, make sure your house is in order.

Thing One: Foundational Fundamentals

There are actually four parts of Thing One, and they are equally important. No corner-cutting:

1. A web presence for your podcast.

I mean a real and functioning website for your podcast. I do not mean an automatically generated website that is powered by your podcast’s RSS feed. Your RSS feed is designed to distribute episodes of your podcast to directories and apps. It is not designed to propagate a website.

2. Complete distribution of your podcast

The right way to use your podcast’s RSS feed is to send out your episode to various apps and directories. Yes, that means Apple Podcasts. It also means Spotify and Google Podcasts. But it also means a dozen or so other directories and apps that maintain their own list of podcasts. You don’t get to control where people find your show. You don’t get to control what apps they use to listen. All you can control is ensuring that your show is everywhere someone might find it and on every app they might use to listen.

3. Don’t forget listenability!

Quality matters. So before you throw money at getting people to sample your audio, make sure the sound quality doesn’t drive them away. No, “good enough” probably isn’t. Not when you’re talking about investing ad dollars. Listenable audio files are table stakes, and I’m a little ticked that I have to keep saying that.

4. Rinse & repeat

So everything thus far requires some effort. Perhaps more effort than you thought. Perhaps more effort than you can commit to on a regular basis.

Thing Two: Remarkable Content

“Advertising is a tax paid by the unremarkable.” Everything I just said above is moot if the contents of your episodes aren’t remarkable. You can have the best-looking and most-optimized website in the world distributing pristine audio files to every single platform on tight schedule… and still fall flat if the content is “meh”.

Thing Three: Leverage Your Network

Before you try to bring in people from the outside (ala advertising), you have to start at home. Notice I didn’t say leverage “a” network. I said leverage “your” network.

No, There Isn’t A Better Way To Promote Your Podcast

You have to do all three of those things before you spend a dime marketing your podcast. But here’s the cool thing: If you do all three of these things really well, you probably won’t need to spend any money advertising or promoting your podcast.

Things To Do During Lockdown

I know you’re probably busy with things, but if you could spare a minute or two telling me about your experiences as podcast living through the novel coronavirus pandemic, I’d love to feature you on Thursday’s episode of the show. Put a minute or so worth of audio on Dropbox and then send the link to evo@podcastlaunch.pro, please?

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