3 Reasons To Make A Bold Podcast in 2019

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Should you follow well-established, well-trodden ground for your next podcast? Or should you break away from the norm and do something very bold. I recommend the latter, with one caveat and three supporting reasons why.

All New People

There’s an old saying I’m fond of repeating: It won’t matter what mistakes you make today, because 100 years from now; the world will be filled with all new people. That’s the case in podcasting as well. Except we’re living through “the all-new” people faze right now.

Differentiation Trumps Discoverability

We hear a lot about the discoverability issue in podcasting, which is both real and imaginary. One way to beat discoverability problems in podcasting, now and definitely in the future, is with differentiation. We podcasters don’t have much direct impact on discoverability (other than, you know, just making a great show that well-described, obviously). But we have 100% control over differentiation.

There Is No Pot of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow

“With over 700,000 podcasts out there, the owners of those shows must be making tons of cash. I also would like tons of cash, so I’ll follow the proven model that they used so I, too, can get my share of those riches!” — every business-minded person new to podcasting who is soon to be disappointed

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