Girl looking disapointed
Girl looking disapointed
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Two decades in & podcasting still draws ire from high-profile detractors whose broad brushes paint us in unflattering shades. But there’s truth in their criticism if only we’re brave enough to look.

There’s just no pleasing some people. A few days ago, Andrew Wilkinson (he’s the co-founder of Tiny Capital and an investor in several podcasting businesses like Castro, Supercast, and Ride Home Media) tweeted out the following:

Well that’s not very nice, is it?

On Average, Half Of All Media Sucks

Clearly, Andrew is painting all podcasts with…

Apples in a store
Apples in a store

Podcasters can’t even agree on the definition of podcasting. So it’s not surprising our categorization system stinks. Worse: our reliance on arcane structures excludes many worthy podcasting topics.

I recently signed Podcasters Declare, an open letter to Apple designed to pressure the tech-giant into adding Climate Change as a top-level category inside of Apple Podcasts.

The goal of the group is awareness building with a clever twist: If they are successful in getting Climate Change as a new top-level category in Apple Podcasts, then every podcast hosting company will have to add that new top-level category to their interface. Because of that, every other podcast listening app, directory, or other services will have to follow suit, so that anyone browsing the list of podcast categories on any…

On air light in radio station
On air light in radio station
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Big radio made another big podcasting purchase. But what does iHeart’s acquisition of Triton mean to the podcasters who aren’t today hosted by Omny? And how will this move shape podcasting’s tomorrow?

Yesterday’s big podcasting news was iHeartMedia’s acquisition of Triton Digital for $230 million. Because apparently, that’s what podcasting companies do these days: buy up other podcasting companies.

Triton Digital owns Omny Studio. Collectively, they provide a lot of tech for podcasting, podcast advertising, and more out of Australia. I’ve used their services and found them to be rock-solid players with serious chops in the podcasting space.

Previously, Triton was owned by E.W. Scripps. The sale to iHeart brought Scripps a healthy return, and by divesting the company of the last remnants of podcasting, Scripps can now focus on growing…

Two elephants on a field of green grass.
Two elephants on a field of green grass.
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Podcasters often say “evergreen” and “timeless” to describe our content. But the future is rarely kind to creative expressions. Can we avoid making shows that sound dated to the next generation?

I’ve been watching Chappelle’s Show on Netflix. It originally aired back in 2003 and is now back, after a bit of drama and controversy unrelated to the reason why I’m using a 19-year-old sketch comedy program to talk about podcasting.

I remember watching Dave’s show when it originally broadcast. At the time, my TV was then as it is now appropriately sized for the time. I don’t remember if it was flat or not. But I do remember it didn’t hang on a wall. …

Three people chatting on the edge of a lake
Three people chatting on the edge of a lake
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Podcasters tend to be helpful. So much so that the narrowly-focused advice given often becomes commoditized and generic. Here’s a way you can stand out, be more helpful, and be a lot less boring.

Yesterday I started an online group discussion about podcasting. I started the discussion on a whim, and slowly people joined. People I really didn’t know at all or at least not very well. Two hours later, we were still going strong.

And not once did we talk about podcast monetization, growth hacks, or launch strategies.

Yet we still had a deeply engaging conversation, with different podcasters sharing their thoughts, ideas, and experiences. It’s not often I say that online group conversations attended by strangers are , but this one was. …

Image for post
Image for post
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Podcasting is awash with helpful guides & trainers. But there are also plenty of hucksters & shysters turning out a quick buck. How do you stay on the right side when you have knowledge to share?

At some point, many podcasters feel the need to share the knowledge they have gained with other less experienced podcasters. Clearly, I’m all for that and think that more podcasters should share their knowledge with others.

But you do that, and how you bill yourself and the materials you have to present matters. So before you set off on your path, consider your options and make the best choice. For all of us.

Do We Need Another Book About Podcasting?

Many people are drawn to writing a book for the same reason they are drawn to podcasting: How hard can it be? Well… pretty hard…

Woman in bathtub eating ramen noodles.
Woman in bathtub eating ramen noodles.
Photo by Artem Labunsky on Unsplash

It’s hard to make an engaging podcast when you’re bored. It won’t take long before your audience knows something is off. Here how to beat back the boredom before it beats down your show.

What do you do when you get bored with the podcast you’re making right now? Yes, I said you get bored, not you get bored. Because people-especially creative people-tend to eventually get bored for doing one thing for too long.

I once worked for a company for a little over 13 years, which is a quite long time for someone with as short of an attention span as me. During my tenure with that company, I changed titles five times. I lived in three different States. And my work address changed 10 different times.

I look at…

Toddler adjusts dial on classic radio
Toddler adjusts dial on classic radio
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Every rational podcaster with a story to tell wants to create a good listening experience. Sadly, misconceptions or lack of attention often block listeners from engaging further. But we can fix that.

Recently I tweeted my frustrations with a significant fraction of podcasters.

Luckily, that snarky post sparked a very healthy conversation where I was able to correct a few myths and incorrect assumptions, always a favorite thing of mine to do as I continue to work…

Rainbow colored circuit board. Sort of.
Rainbow colored circuit board. Sort of.
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Advances at podcasting’s back-end are providing unique opportunities for collaboration via syndication. No, not the last letter in RSS. Here’s how true syndication can make your episodes better.

Podcasting is weird. Since its inception, it’s been a place where staunch independents seek out tight collaboration. We podcasters want to do our own thing, but we also like working with other podcasters when we can.

But it’s not easy. With most of the blame aimed squarely at our independent mindset, collaboration often turns out to be quite a chore. Your production schedule is not my production schedule. Nor is your production process anything at all like mine. That makes it really hard for more collaboration to happen throughout podcasting.

But there’s a better way forward if we embrace…

Woman looks at her phone with a pleasant expression
Woman looks at her phone with a pleasant expression
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Podcasting may look hot, but it’s still one of the slowest growing mediums ever. As podcasters, we’re partly to blame. Here’s how we can fix that without changing how we make our own shows.

We podcasters all have a lot of jobs to do. Making content requires us to wear many hats, often stretching our abilities to learn how to perform necessary tasks along the way. That’s part of the life we’ve chosen.

So at the risk of adding one more role to your already-overflowing plate, there’s another job I’m going to ask you to perform: The job of becoming an excellent ambassador for podcasting.

Yes, for podcasting. Not for your podcast. For all of podcasting. An awesome responsibility, for sure. But one you are uniquely qualified to perform.

Your favorite podcast is…

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